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How to Prepare for your Summer RV Trip

Posted on Jun 10, 2022

Hot Summer? Here is how to Prepare for your Summer RV Trip!

Summer in California is right around the corner, and RVing in summer is about as fun as it gets. As the leading provider of Orange County RV rentals, the experts at 1st Choice RV look forward to the summer months more than anything.

From visiting Southern California campgrounds to taking your Orange County RV rentals north into the mountains there are limitless options for your motorhome road trip. Summer in California is what dreams are made of, and we are here to help make them come true. This summer, experts are predicting warmer temperatures out west than in previous years – which have already been historically high. To help make the most of RVing in summer, you need to take the weather into consideration.

5 Hot Tips to Help You Make the Most of your Hotter-Than-Usual Summer in California!

Take to the Beach

This one may be obvious, but if a heatwave strikes during your Orange County RV rentals road trip point that vehicle to the beach. California is known for its beaches, and what better place to cool off than the chilly Pacific Ocean? Many Southern California campgrounds have spots available on or near the water, which make for beautiful and relaxing escapes no matter the temperature or time of year!

Visit a Lake

If your itinerary does not allow for you to make it to a beach to cool off, find some time to visit one of the many beautiful lakes in The Golden State. Many Southern California campgrounds – and Northern California campgrounds for that matter – are conveniently situated on or near the shores of mountain lakes and reservoirs. If the temperatures heat up, nothing beats sitting in the shade of a tree with a sparkling clear lake in front of you, beckoning you to take a dip.

Visit the Red Woods

If California sees record hot temperatures this season, the best terrestrial place to be is under the protection of our ancient Red Wood and Sequoia trees. These massive wonders of nature provide more shade and protection than you can imagine and spending time exploring their understory is an adventure worthy of any road trip.

Pack a Portable Fan

While all of our rental RVs are equipped with air conditioning, you may not always be camping somewhere where you will be able to use it. Some of the best campgrounds in the state do not offer much in the way of amenities, and you may not be able to run your generator either. As such, come prepared for those hot temps by packing a portable fan to help move air around during those hot summer nights.

Pack (and drink) More Than you Think

Water is key in California, and if you think you have packed enough for your road trip pack more! Dehydration comes on quick during hot summer months, and it can be a sure-fire way to ruin your vacation. Staying hydrated, and keeping your traveling companions hydrated, are key to a successful road trip. Running out of water while camping off the grid is a major letdown and can force you to change plans earlier than you would want.

And don’t forget, while water is important, you can also beat the heat with some amazing summer cocktails. Don’t forget to have fun while making sure you are hydrated!

Book Your RV in Southern California this Summer!

Summer is a spectacular time to visit California, and the team at 1st Choice RV loves nothing more than helping enable our guests to do so! Things are happening fast around here, though. Give us a call today to inquire about your upcoming RV road trip or secure a rental before we are sold out for the summer season. Also don’t forget your sunscreen!


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