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Explorer Package

Recommended for Fly in Travelers: Airport Pick up and Delivery, Provisioning Kit, GPS, keurig, toaster, outdoor carpet & chemicals.

Comfort Kit

Bedding and towels for each person

2people$80.00, 4people$160.00, 6people$240.00, 8people$320.00
Ceramic Grub Kit

WASHABLE: Ceramic goods & stainless steel cutlery, plates, bowls, hot & cold cups.

4people$69.00, 8people$130.00
Galley Kit

Pots, pans and serving utensils

$80.00 New
Camper’s Kit

4 chairs, 1 table, outdoor carpet


Box of 10 pods: Recommended for trips longer that 1 week. Helps control odors & bacterial in waste tanks

Child Seat

Sizes from infant carrier to booster seat (required if under 8 yrs old or shorter than 4’9″ (1.48m)

Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Extra Toilet Paper. Recommended for trips longer than 1 week.

4pack $5, 8pack$10.00
Bike Rack

Bike Rack, some hold up to 4 bikes

Bucket Chair

Worlds most comfortable camping chair.

$5/ night
Broom and Dust Pan

Broom and Dust Pan

Camping Chairs$1.00 per night
Camping Table

Folding, high density polyethelyne, white granite finish, 72″L x 30″W x 29″H

$2.50 per night
Rocking Chair

Camping Rocking Chair

$3.00/ night each
Direct TV Sattelite Service

Direct TV satellite basic service (for RVs already equipped with satellite)

$20.00 per night

FREE entertainment.  Variety of DVD’s, books and guides for all ages.

(No charge)
GPS navigation

Popular model GPS with voice instructions.

Outdoor Carpet

Outdoor Carpet come in different sizes.

Toaster$2.00 per night
Air Mattress

Twin to Queen size for addiitonal sleeping areas, with 110v pump, outdoor use OK.

$9.95 per Night
Wi-Fi Wireless Internet

Portable WiFi Hotspot. Serves up to 5 devices. (Not for surfing the web).

$9.95 per day
Grub Kit (Disposable)

50 Paper Plates, bowls, hot and cold cups, forks, knifes, spoons, and napkins

Provisioning Kit

Outfitting your RV, this kit combines Comfort Kit, Galley Kit and Grub Kit for up to 2 – 8 people.

2people$189.00, 4people$269.00, 6people$349.00, 8people$429.00

2people$189.00, 4people$269.00, 6people$349.00, 8people$429.00

Gourmet Hot Drinks, single Serving (Keurig coffee cups not included)


Boil Hot Water for tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal, anything!

$2.00 per night

Steel safe to store valuables.

Dawn Comforter

Queen size, for extra warmth and coziness. Just like home.


Easy cooking and warming of complete meals 10.5″x20″ Non-Stick

2.00 per night
Pop Corn Popper

Electric. Add your own flavors and butter!


Electric skillet, easy fry, saute or stream your meals. 12″x12″ Non Stick

Waffle Maker

Electric Waffle Maker.

Camp Table Cover

Clean Table Top Covers, just like home.

Ice Chest

Extra Cooler Space for drinks, etc saves valuable refrigerator and freezer space.


Dome Tent, sleeps up to 4 people.

Images Item Description Price


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