Pet-Friendly RV Rentals

“INVISIBLE” Pet Addendum

The staff and management of 1st Choice RV understand that you consider your family pet an important member of your family, and therefore may want to include your pet on the family trip. That is why we believe in the “invisible pet.” However, there are some rules and regulations that you must agree to first!

Rental Charges

What is an Invisible Pet?

A small dog, less than 40 lbs., who travels with you in the RV. When you return the RV to us there
should be absolutely no evidence (the Invisible part) of any kind that this or any other pet was ever in
the RV. This may include friend’s pets, other camper pets or just a nosy animal that wandered into the
RV. This evidence, no matter how few or small, could trigger an alarming medical reaction in someone
in the next family that uses the RV.

This evidence includes but is not limited to any amount of: Hair or fur; stains or tears in any fabric
materials; odors; damage to window coverings, panel, wood trim, upholstery; pet food, pet clothing or
pet bedding.


If Evidence of a Pet is Found

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