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Start Your Summer with an RV Trip

Posted on May 31, 2021

Last summer, more people than ever decided to travel in a motorhome. We learned that there’s more than one reason to start early. Getting an early start in the summer months is better. Parts of California, and many other places, get pretty warm around mid to late summer. An RV rental in Southern California may be an especially exciting place to start your trip. These are exciting times. A year of isolation has everyone anxious for the open road. Restrictions are lifting, and people are tired of being cooped up. Thanks to vaccinations and lifted restrictions, the way is opening up.

An RV Trip with the Family Can be Unforgettable

All signs point to the summer of 2021 being even busier than 2020. When you consider all—an RV trip with your family is an idea that’s time has arrived. It is sort of like renting a cabin, only it has wheels so that you’re not bound to one location. You know what your family likes more than anyone, this is a great opportunity to find the location that is right for you, with all the creature comforts of home. Book your RV reservation now and get a good jump on it. An RV trip with your family is a great way to start the summer.

The vacation of your dreams awaits. You might be a family of climbers, or hikers, or water skiers, or golfers, or you may like off-road ATVs. Maybe you simply want to find a quiet and relaxing beach. Whatever it is, it can be right outside your door.

We’re into RVs in California for a Reason

There is so much to see in this vast wonderful state, the toughest part is deciding where to begin. It may all depend upon how much time you take, where you live, what you like, and how far you want to go. From National parks to state parks, or from reservoirs to resorts, your job is narrowing it down. It is a big, beautiful state. If RVing is a new experience for you, as it is for many, maybe you’d prefer starting with a short trip, just to see if it is your thing.

We’re here to tell you though, you don’t want to put it off. Start now and plan. But be patient and be flexible, this summer you may be sharing your “getting away from it all” with hundreds of thousands of other Americans that have the same idea. It could also be a good lesson in “going with the flow.” RV rental in Southern California can be a challenge, especially if everyone has the same idea at the same time.

We’re already seeing indications that everyone wants to hit the road. Don’t miss this great opportunity to find your destination. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you plan the ideal trip for you and your family. You deserve this time together.

Make Us Your First Choice

Your vacation starts with 1st Choice RV and a Calabasas or Los Angeles RV rental. With world-class customer service, we like making your experience with us easy and fun. There is a lot to look forward to, and it begins with contacting us. We want to be more than just a name to you we want to be part of your tradition, and your first stop on a wonderful adventure.


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