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The Best of California’s Waterfront Campgrounds to Visit with Your RV

Posted on Apr 25, 2019

There’s an incredible number of places to explore in California, from Yosemite to Kings Canyon National Park to Lake Tahoe. However, the state is justly famous for its amazing coastline. There are thousands of miles of coast to explore, from the border with Oregon to the warm waters down near Baja, Mexico. Owning an RV puts you in a prime position to explore those areas, but you’ll need to know where to stay while you’re soaking up the sun and exploring the beaches. Below, we’ll explore some of the best waterfront campgrounds in the state.

Chula Vista RV Resort

We’ll start our list in sunny SoCal not far from San Diego. Blessed with balmy weather, abundant sunshine, and warm ocean waters, this area is a haven for snowbirds and regular vacationers alike. If you’ll be driving through on your way north (or south toward Baja!), make a stop at the Chula Vista RV Resort. What will you find?

This park has roughly 200 sites with varying prices depending on the amenities offered. There are both 30 and 50 AMP sites and full hookups, too. If you prefer to pull your RV through, there are pull-through sites, as well as standard back-in sites. Showers, a pool and hot tub, and property-wide Wi-Fi are all on offer here. There’s also a waterfront restaurant, a boat ramp, access to the beach, and a tiki bar to name just a handful of the amenities.

Malibu Beach RV Park

A short drive north of Chula Vista gets you in the proximity of Los Angeles and Malibu. The Malibu Beach RV Park is one of the best options here, not just because it’s right on the water, but because of the wide range of amenities, you’ll find.

There are pull through and back-in sites available, and the prices range depending on the features of the site you choose. Both 30 and 50 AMP sites are on offer, and there are showers available, too. Note that there are also other benefits, including an on-site convenience store, limited Wi-Fi, a dishwashing station, and a TV and game room. This is also a pet-friendly RV park.

Leo Carillo State Park

This is another RV park located in Malibu, not far from the Malibu Beach RV Park. It’s an ideal option for anyone visiting Santa Monica (28 miles away), but is also worth a stop in its own right. There are limited full hookups, but both 30 and 50 AMP sites are offered. There are showers, and pets are allowed. Both back-in and pull-through sites are available but note that the maximum length allowed is 31 feet.

Why come here? Access to the Pacific with swimming, fishing, scuba, and snorkeling being some of the most popular activities.

Anaheim RV Park

Malibu is technically farther north than Anaheim, but we’re going to go on the assumption that you want to enjoy some waterfront access before heading to the Magic Kingdom (perhaps the most common reason to visit Anaheim, actually). Anaheim RV Park is the place to stay while you’re in town to visit Mickey and friends.

You’ll find over 200 sites, both back in and pull through. Full hookups are offered, and you’ll find that pets are allowed. Both 30 and 50 AMP sites are available, and the park also has a café and clubhouse, as well as a free shuttle to Disney if you don’t have your own toad or prefer not to get yours out and about.

Durango RV Resort

Head north from Anaheim and through Sacramento, and you’ll find the Durango RV Resort. It’s technically located in Red Bluff, which is north of Sacramento by a bit. It offers almost 200 sites, both pull-through and back-in on offer. 30 and 50 AMP sites are available, and there are full hookups, too.

For amenities, you’ll find property-wide Wi-Fi, a fitness room, tennis courts, and even a dog run. Massage services are available, too. This is truly a resort, rather than just another RV park.

Kirk Creek Campground

Head south from Durango or west from Sacramento and you’ll hit San Francisco. Go a bit further and you’ll find the Los Padres National Forest. The Kirk Creek Campground is located right in the heart of the forest, situated on a cliff just above Big Sur.

There’s no Internet, no pool, no hot tub, no showers, and no electricity, either. Why do you want to come here, then? Simply put, it’s one of the most dramatic views you’ll find, although the accommodations are a bit rustic.


As you can see, there are plenty of waterfront campgrounds in California for your RVing pleasure – gas up your RV and hit the road!


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