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Unforgettable Summer Activities for Families in an RV

Posted on Aug 01, 2023

Simply put, there is no better summer vacation than reserving an Orange County RV rental and hitting the open road with the people you love most. Summer RVing is as classic as a vacation can get, and California is the perfect destination. With school just around the corner, now is the time to rent an RV in Orange County and maximize the final weeks of the best season of the year.

An Orange County RV rental allows you to explore some of the most spectacular sites in The Golden State at your leisure while also banking significant quality time with your family. Not sure how to spend time after you rent an Orange County RV? Below are some of our favorite summer RVing activities to get you started.

National Parks

California is home to nine very unique national parks covering all types of biomes. From the high mountains of the Sierra to the low deserts of Death Valley, towering Redwoods to volcanic landscapes, The Golden State has it all when it comes to geographic wonder. Whether your family prefers taking in the sites through the windows of your Orange County RV rental or wants to hit the trail and hike through some of the country’s most inspiring landscapes, the national parks of California have you covered. If you’re traveling with children, encourage them to become National Park Junior Rangers! Each park offers fun packets full of games and activities, and your little ones will become experts on these locations while earning cool wooden badges along the way.


Summer RVing simply isn’t complete without some stops to go swimming, and California is full of incredible options. Southern California and the Pacific Coast are famous for the summer sun, and destinations like Lake Tahoe and Big Bear Lake offer one-of-a-kind mountain lakes perfect for a chilly cool-down. Beyond places like these, many RV campgrounds boast swimming pools and hot tubs – the perfect way to relax and blow off some steam after a day on the road!

Family Games

One of the many highlights of RV travel is being able to spend so much quality time with your family, unplugged and far away from the distractions of daily life. To maximize this, the experts at 1st Choice RV suggest packing some family games along for the adventure. Card and board games are perfect for long days on the road, or the occasional rainy spell, and some of the best memories you may make could be playing outdoor yard games at the different campsites you visit. Cornhole, Kuub, croquet, and ladder golf are all cheap, easy to pack, and guaranteed to provide countless laughs and memories as you explore The Golden State.

If you are looking to rent an RV in Orange County to forget some unforgettable summer memories with your family, look no further than 1st Choice RV. Our fleet promises to have the perfect vehicle for every family, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more affordable option in Southern California. Of course, with just a few weeks left before the end of summer vacation, you should act quickly. Give our team a call with any questions or to reserve your dream motorhome today!


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