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Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park

Posted on May 14, 2014

With a unique wilderness and natural landscapes, Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park are two great destinations for your next RV trip.  These two parks are definitely points of interest that everyone should add to their list of places to go.  There are many sights and sounds to see along the way.  Some people may think to themselves, “What is there to see in a desert besides sand?”  If you have being, then you know that there is a beauty that is unique to both Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Park that you are well advised to experience for yourself.

Campgrounds to stay at

There are plenty of convenient options for campgrounds to stay at during your trip in Joshua Tree and Death Valley, so you won’t have to worry after a long day of driving.  Check for many different options on which campground suits your needs.  Each campground is conveniently listed with what accommodations and hookups are available.  Amenities vary from campground to campground, so make sure to give a call and ask for more information before making your reservation decisions.

Things to do

At Death Valley, there are many things to do that will keep you busy for as long as you want to stay.  There are many trails to hike that will take you in and around stunning rock formations.  Gorgeous salt flats are a sight to behold.  Don’t forget to cross the sand dunes, as they are especially pretty traversed on a moonlit night.  Get up close and personal with the cacti and desert flowers of Joshua Tree Park, but not too close..ouch!.  Look at ancient petroglyphs that are drawn on the rocks as you make your way through the trails.  For rock climbers, Joshua Tree is one of the world’s best places to go with thousands of routes for all levels.

Do not forget!

Remember to make sure that the water tanks are filled up, the AC is working, adequate supplies are packed, and that backup supplies are ready. Also, don’t forget to pack carefully for your adventure.  You will want to make sure to bring the following items: sunblock, sunscreen, wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, a light jacket or sweater, and hiking boots. Also, like many desserts, hot days are often offset by surprisingly cold nights so don’t forget something warm so you can sit out and watch the stars at night. Clear skies and no urban lighting nearby make for the most spectacular night skies you can imagine.

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