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4 Fun RV Games to Try

Posted on Apr 15, 2023

Depending on where you are going in your Orange County motorhome or California camper van rentals, you could have many hours of driving ahead of you. While the journey can oftentimes be just as fun as the destination when RV camping, there is no denying that everyone needs a few tricks to break up the monotony as you pass exit after exit on the highway. Thankfully, in an RV rental, you will likely be driving with some of your favorite travel companions – family or friends. While music, podcasts, and audiobooks will take you far on your Orange County RV rental road trip, here are five fun games to add to the mix when the hours behind the wheel start to drag on.

Counting Cows

Counting Cows is a fun and hilarious game that is easy to maintain for the duration of an Orange County RV rental road trip. Simply count every cow you can that passes by on your side of your LA motorhome. When you pass a cemetery on your side, you lose all of your cows. If you pass a red barn on your side of your LA RV rental, you double your cow count. Whoever has the most cows at the end of the day – or trip – wins!

20 Questions

20 Questions is an easy classic and one of the best games to play while driving. The Rules are simple. One person selects something in their mind, and other participants have 20 yes or no questions to figure out what that player is thinking of. Oftentimes, it is trickier than it sounds!

Mad Libs

Mad Libs are the funniest option on our RV camping games list. Either buy a Mad Libs book or make them on your own! The premise is that a short story is written with select words omitted from the narrative. The person that will read the story asks the other players to fill in the blanks, only disclosing the part of speech or type of word required. When all of the blanks are filled in the end result is typically a hilarious and offbeat story.

“I’m Going on a Road Trip…”

This is another good puzzle game requiring players to either strengthen their memory or break a code. The game starts with the first player saying, “I’m going on a road trip, and I’m bringing _.” They fill in the blank with something that starts with the letter A. The next person repeats the phrase, the A object, and adds a B. This continues until someone screws up the order or forgets a word. Alternatively, the first person could start the game the same way but not disclose the pattern. For example, maybe they are bringing a Zebra, and the pattern is to do the alphabet backwards. Perhaps they are bringing a football, flag, and floaty because their name starts with an “F.” In this variation, the other players will chime in, trying to bring something as well, and it needs to match the pattern that Player 1 has in mind.

An RV or motorhome road trip is some of the most fun you can have on vacation, and 1st Choice RV has the best selection of Orange County RV rentals available. Whether you are looking for more RV games to play on your upcoming trip or are ready to reserve your RV rentals, give our fun-loving team at 1st Choice RV a call today. We’re always happy to help!


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