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Best RV-Friendly Board Games to Buy for an Upcoming RV Trip

Posted on Jul 01, 2022

Motorhome road trips are special for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the amount of quality time you get to spend with your travel companions. Whether you are traveling with family or friends, there is nothing quite like sharing an adventure on the road. A huge part of making the most of these Southern California RV rental road trips is by having plenty of RV activities on board to maximize downtime at camp and have fun passing hours on the road.

RV-friendly board games are always a hit, and as the leader, in Orange County RV rental you better believe we have a list of favourites. When considering RV activities and RV-friendly board games you must take packability into consideration.

Here are 8 of our favorite high entertainment, low footprint games


Backgammon is a highly packable and very classic two-person game that moves quickly and boasts a great balance of luck and strategy. This game is good for all ages and will be as fun and competitive for the little ones in your travel party as well as the adults. There are small portable boards available as well as larger boards no bigger than a laptop.

Chess & Checkers

Another classic, chess and checkers are great options because you essentially get to bring two games with the footprint of one. Chess can be highly competitive and necessitates considerable brainpower and dedication to master. Still, though, it is great for all ages. Checkers is quite a bit simpler but utilizes the same board just with different pieces. Bringing a game of chess/checkers board is a great way to have multiple games in one place that can please everybody.


If you are looking for laughs and to up the shenanigans on your trip, Pictionary is a great option. There are many varieties of this came that vary from kid-friendly to adult-only. Whichever version you choose, this game is perfect to involve everybody and have some good old-fashioned fun around the game table. Similar to chess and backgammon, this game isn’t too involved and in a pinch, you could play with just some paper and writing utensils.

Connect Four

While initially billed as a children’s game, Connect Four is a classic that is a blast to play at any age. It is essentially a more complex version of tic-tac-toe, and is perfect to kill a few hours in the back as you push on to the next destination. When at camp, the game moves quickly enough that everyone can play and rotate in without feeling left out.

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly, of course, is a favorite board game of many people, and if you love it then bring it. However, a card game version of Monopoly called Monopoly Deal has recently grown in popularity and is perfect for Orange County RV rental road trips. Deal moves a bit quicker, incorporates the same level of cutthroat gameplay, and is good for the entire family. You can expect the same level of intensity as the board game but in a much shorter version.


For the wordsmiths in your travel party, make sure to back Bananagrams. Of the games on our list, Bananagrams has the best size footprint to replay value ratio. Neatly packaged in a banana-shaped pouch, you can think of this game as high-speed scrabble. Players are challenged to draw tiles and make words faster than their opponents, and the competition can get heated! Individual games do not last long, but the addictive nature of the game itself could have you playing long into the night!

Phase 10

Phase 10 is another low footprint, high reward game that we would recommend having in any game cabinet. This card game is equal parts rewarding and infuriating, as you race your opponents to finish each “phase” before one of them gets rid of their cards. The games themselves can last surprisingly long, but with all of the lead changes and turn of events, you won’t know who wins until the very end!

Settlers of Catan

This high strategy board game as recently made its way into the realm of all-time classics. While the box is big, many travelers consolidate all of the parts and pieces into a single-gallon ziplock making it one of the very best RV-friendly board games and RV activities as a whole. The blend of strategy and chance, in conjunction with an ever-changing board, means that Catan never plays out the same way twice. It is the perfect game to have on long trips, and you will find yourself setting it up day after day.

Book an RV Rental in Southern California & Start Packing your Board Games

RV activities are some of the most fun you can have on a Southern California RV rental road trip, and the experts at 1st Choice RV have no shortage of recommendations. While some of our favorite games are above, this is by no means an exhaustive list! Give our team a call today to learn about more of our favorites or inquire about an Orange County RV rental. Whatever it is, we’re always happy to help!


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