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Going Solo in an RV

Posted on Mar 01, 2021

It’s easy to imagine the traditional RV experience, mainly for families or retired couples, right? Not necessarily. Many times, getting away from it all truly means getting away from it all. It may be true that there are advantages and great times to be had with families, or that special someone. But there is a completely liberating feeling you can get by hitting the road alone and the experiences you can only have by traveling solo. Sometimes some experiences can’t be had in the company of others.

Let’s face it, even planning the trip to please or accommodate other people can get complicated before the trip even begins. Everyone has their idea of what the trip should be. When you go solo, you are only required to meet your agenda, and you can change it without worrying about anyone else. One of the biggest perks of being alone is not having to answer to anyone.

Do Your Own Thing

When you solo RV, you don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone but yourself. Everyone’s definition of a good time is different. For some, it may be about meeting schedules; for others, it might be about not having a program. Solo RVing means you don’t have to spend your time being the activities director. We are the 1st Choice in Orange County RV rental for a reason. We get it, and we love it.

When you go solo, you don’t have to worry about sharing tight quarters; sometimes that means that in an RV, nobody can hear you snore, and you don’t have to listen to anyone else snore. You can eat what you want, when you want, and clean up after yourself, not someone else. Or don’t clean at all. It’s your RV trip. Our motorhome rentals in southern California are geared toward your individual needs. At 1st Choice RV in Orange County, we are well aware that many people’s main take-aways from a road trip or camping experience is how well everyone got along.

Choose this time to write in your journal, photograph beautiful scenery instead of photographing people in front of beautiful scenery, or just be alone with your thoughts. Have you ever been on a camping trip when it dawned on you that you were facing more days ahead with someone you would prefer not to spend another minute with?

The Joy of Doing Something Outside of the “Norm”

This is a good opportunity to get over the pressure to avoid doing a social activity alone. Instead of always being a herd animal, have some fun without a support system. You might meet new people or push yourself outside of your comfort zone. We think that you have an opportunity to use your solo California Motorhome rental as an opportunity to grow.

The Solo Travel Experience

Play by your own rules or discover what your rules are. You might get to know yourself more by not playing by someone else’s rules. Enjoy your own company. Realize that new people you meet have no preconceived notions about you. Immerse yourself in a different culture. Be a mystery to those you encounter. Become whatever you want to be.

A long drive alone, like a long flight, is a great time for reflection. We live in a socially networked world. Companies make millions counting on it. Spending time on the road alone can allow you to unplug from all of that. You may find that is the only time when you are indeed yourself. Once you try this kind of adventure, you may begin to realize all you have missed by not RVing solo.

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