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Camping With an Infant: Let’s Go RVing!

Posted on Oct 29, 2020

You would be hard-pressed to find a more family-friendly vacation than snagging an Orange County RV rental and hitting the road to explore California. Orange County CA RV rentals allow you to maximize family time while still providing plenty of opportunities to relax as adults. At 1st Choice RV we encounter plenty of avid travelers that are a bit trepidatious about taking Southern California motorhome rentals on vacation with their infant, when in fact our vehicles provide the perfect vacation vessel for such equations. If you have an infant at home and are also curious about what an Orange County RV rental road trip may look like with the little one in tow, check out some of our hot tips below for camping with an infant.

Make Travel Days Easier

As is always the case, traveling is the biggest challenge when it comes to camping with an infant. Thankfully, with Orange County CA RV rentals, your vehicle is essentially a moving home. To make your job a little easier, consider picking up and moving to your next destination right before nap time so the little one can maintain their normal schedule and sleep while you drive. Because moving days are going to be the most demanding on you, try building an itinerary around staying in a few campsites rather than trying to see the entire state.

Budget Extra Time on the Road

As the parents of an infant, you are already aware that nothing goes quite as quickly as normal. That being the case, be sure to leave plenty of extra time to travel in your Orange County motorhome rentals. You may need to break up your day for nursing, diaper changes, or simple breaks so plan accordingly. In general, shorter days on the road will be in your favor.

Don’t Forget the Play Yard

When taking your Southern California motorhome rentals camping with an infant, do not forget the play yard. This simple tool will be your best friend around the camp. It should be the first thing you set up when you arrive, so that your infant can play while you get to work making your Orange County RV rental feel like home. Additionally, it will free you up to cook meals, start a campfire, and pack up camp at the end of your trip. I repeat – do not forget the play yard!

Pack Efficiently

While Orange County motorhome rentals have plenty of storage space, you still will need to think critically when packing as you likely will not be able to bring all of your infant accessories. At the same time, the last thing you want is to run out of diapers, clothes, bottles, etc. Take a bit of extra time to build and rethink your packing list before hitting the road to help ensure that you and your little one will be fully taken care of when on the road.

Take Pictures and Have Fun!

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures, enjoy every moment, and just have fun. Motorhome road trips are all about making memories with your family, and your infant will become a toddler before you know it. While there may be a few added challenges in camping with an infant, the memories you will make and fun you will have along the way will far outweigh any hassle.

Motorhomes are undoubtedly one of the best tools for a family vacation, no matter how old your kids are. From infants to teenagers, motorhomes provide the perfect escape, and 1st Choice RV guarantees to have the ideal vehicle for your specific needs. Whether you are planning a trip this fall or looking forward to next summer give our passionate staff a call, and start planning your big family road trip today!


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