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Top Tips for Fall RVing

Posted on Sep 16, 2020

Get the Tips for Fall RVing

Go with your 1st Choice for RV rentals in Orange County. We can help you prepare for some of the most beautiful and enjoyable camping of the year. We start by offering the most competitive RV Rental Prices in the California market today.

1st Choice RV offers the widest selection of RV’s, motor homes, and travel trailer rental models. Fall is a great opportunity to enjoy them.

All you Need to Know About Planning, Packing, and RVing this Fall

While the tendency may be to pack away the summer fun, get ready for cooler weather, and “batten down the hatches,” consider that this may be an opportunity to go RVing. You can enjoy lower campground rates, far fewer people, and far fewer insects. There is a quiet peace to the great outdoors during this time of year, and it makes for a whole other kind of beauty. So, before you pack it up for the year, plan a trip to enjoy the great outdoors.

We Want to Help by Offering Tips for Enjoying Fall RVing

Planning is important. Choosing a destination is the best place to start:

Many decisions can be made easier if determined by the destination. And the climate conditions play a big part in that. September still has some pretty toasty days in some necks of the woods. Warm fall days and cool nights make for some pretty cozy camping.

Make sure that you understand how to prepare. Fall weather can be unpredictable (that’s part of the adventure). So, do your research and always prepare (and pack) for a possible sudden change in temperature and conditions.

Knowing what sort of activity, you want to engage in is a good start toward determining your destination. From simply viewing the fall colours to more active pursuits, there are plenty of options available.

A destination can also be determined by campsite availability. Make sure that you are targeting a state that remains open during these months, as some states experience the onset of winter earlier than others. You’ll also discover that many campsites remain open year-round to accommodate cool weather campers specifically.

Packing for Fall Camping:

Packing is determined by your destination. Packing clothes is about layering in case the temperatures drop. Jackets, flannel shirts, warm socks, and extra blankets are all good provisions.

Sunscreen, insect repellent, and freshwater: Keep in mind that in many destinations, it stays pretty sunny and you can get burned, so don’t forget the sunscreen. Also, there are plenty of late summer insects still around, especially around a campsite, so bring the repellent. Readily available freshwater is especially essential during dry Autumn days.

Recreation equipment: Plan your activity. This includes either remembering your equipment or arranging to rent it through the local outfitters. If you spend a few minutes going online ahead of time, look on the club websites for the current conditions that pertain to your activity.

Food: Sandwiches and sodas might be the fair for summer, but fall is about comfort food. Prepare the family favourites. Substantial meals provide real fuel for cool weather. It’s one of the perks of Autumn.

Plan to stay dry: Getting wet means getting cold (not fun). But rain shouldn’t be a problem providing you have proper rain gear.

The Unexpected

There are always unexpected occurrences, no matter what time of year you go. Anything can happen, so plan for it. Check your tire pressure, brakes, trailer brakes, towing gear, and make sure you have a properly rated trailer hitch. Find out about driving conditions, listen to the road condition reports. Bringing your Smartphone is also quite helpful for a real-time report.

A Good Captain Keeps a Tight Ship

Get to know your heating system. Become familiar with it. Also, protect your RV water systems from possible hard freezes. Know how to disconnect water lines and drain water and waste tanks.

Fall RVing can be a Beautiful and Fun Time in the Great Outdoors

1st Choice RV is here to help you make it a comfy, stress-free adventure. Call us to find out more. We can even help you plan. We have some pretty good ideas.


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