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6 Reasons to Love Fall Camping

Posted on Sep 01, 2020

It’s hard to believe that autumn is already here. While that may get some people down, it shouldn’t! Fall is a great time to travel and explore, and there is no better way than in an Orange County RV rental. Here at 1st Choice RV, we have established ourselves as the premier provider of RV rentals in Orange County CA, and our passionate staff all agree that fall truly is the best time to get your Southern California motorhome rentals out on the pavement. Not convinced? Below are our top 6 reasons to love fall camping with an Orange County RV rental.

Less Crowds

Perhaps the best reason to reserve an Orange County travel trailer rental in the fall are the reduced crowds you will find on the road, at the parks, and in the campgrounds. With kids back in school, most families are at home and fewer people are taking time off to travel. If you can pull off an Orange County CA RV rental vacation in the fall, you will quickly discover the extra peace and solitude that comes along with it!

Cooler Temperatures

While many people are drawn to California for the heat and sunshine, it can be downright oppressive in the mid-summer months. Autumn generally has some of the most enjoyable weather of the year, and the cooler temperatures are welcome by many Orange County travel trailer rental enthusiasts.

Less Insects!

A common complaint about camping is having to deal with the bugs and insects that call many of the most beautiful destinations and campgrounds home. Thanks to the cooler weather in the fall, however, many of the usual summer suspects are past the most bothersome stages of their life cycle.

Fall Colors

This one is true about fall in a lot of places, and California is no different. One of the most exciting things about the fall season is watching the leaves change color, and there is no better way to put yourself in the middle of this phenomenon than by parking your Orange County motorhome rentals smack dab in a forested campground or park.

Great Wildlife Viewing

While perhaps counterintuitive, the fall months provide some wonderful opportunities for viewing wildlife. Those creatures that hibernate in the winter are scrambling to prepare for the cold months ahead. Migratory animals, including an abundance of bird life, pass through the state heading toward warmer climes. If looking for wildlife is your thing, an RV road trip in the fall is a great way to maximize your viewing opportunities.

Autumn Lends itself to Comfort

Because of the cooler temperatures, autumn is the perfect time of year to get comfortable. Wildfire season is generally over in the fall with most fire bans lifted, and sitting around a campfire is the perfect way to relax. In your RV you can cozy up under a fleece blanket to watch a movie, cook a nice warm meal for your family, or play some board games as you enjoy the cool quiet night that surrounds you.

The end of summer does not spell the end of fun. In fact, for many, fall is the best time to get out and explore in Orange County RV rentals. With a robust inventory, passionate and knowledgable staff, and health and safety conscious maintenance folks, 1st Choice RV is the obvious choice for your autumn RV rental. Give us a call or stop in today, and we’ll help you get this show on the road!


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