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List of Apps Every RV Owner Needs on the Road

Posted on Jul 22, 2020

List of Apps Every RV Owner Needs on the Road

Since the early parts of the 20th Century, the road trip has long been a staple of the American vacation. Things have come a long way since the dirt roads and small cars of yesteryear, but the hitting the open road remains one of the best ways to see the country. Smooth pavement and luxurious RVs have taken over, and the road trip is now more enjoyable than ever. Renting a motorhome in California from an Orange County RV rental outfitter such as 1st Choice RV is step one in creating memories that will last a lifetime. While vehicle technology has increased, so has the handheld technology available to you. Phone apps can be a great way to help you make the most of your California motorhome rental road trip, and below is a list of five of our favorites.


Gasbuddy has been helping drivers save money on fuel for years, but it is an especially helpful tool when behind the wheel of a gas guzzling RV. In short, this app will display where the most affordable gas is near you or down the road. Fuel will be your biggest expense when taking your Orange County RV rental on the road and, as such, Gasbuddy will soon become a favorite app.

State Lines

If you plan on taking your California motorhome rental out of state, State Lines is a must have app. This tool will show you differences in laws as you travel throughout the United States. Statelines takes rules and legislation that could vary from state to state (such as taxes, speed limits, traffic laws, alcohol and marijuana regulation, etc.) and explains them in layman’s terms to help you plan your trip and follow the rules.

Ultimate US Public Campgrounds

One of the many highlights of an RV road trip is exploring the countless public campgrounds of this country, and Ultimate US Public Campgrounds is the best tool for the job. This app allows you to explore camping locations on a map while also uncovering the amenities, activities, size, etc. before you arrive – allowing you to build the best itinerary possible either in advance or as you continue on up the road.


Experienced motorhome travelers will always leave room on their itinerary for unpredicted adventures, and the app Roadtrippers is here to enable that. This tool is a great way to identify points of interest along your adventure that you may have otherwise missed or overlooked. Roadtrippers isn’t the best tool for planning a road trip, but it is a great way to discover fun and unique places to break up your driving.


Whether for work, family concerns, or emergency, some road trippers need to stay connected. If you fall into this category the app Coverage? has you covered. This tool allows travelers to plan their trip and overnight stays around areas that do or do not have phone coverage. You can filter for your specific carrier and download coverage maps onto your hard drive to view when offline. If staying connected is a priority than Coverage? is a must.


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