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3 Tech Gadgets to Bring with you on your RV Road Trip

Posted on Jun 25, 2019

You can’t put a price on quality time spent in the great outdoors.  Whether you are going solo or spending time with friends and family, a little bit of adventure and exploration goes a long way!  Nature-based vacations can range from extremely rustic to incredibly posh, and somewhere in the middle lies the RV road trip.  Perfect for folks who want to get out and explore but don’t want to leave all of the comforts of home at home, experiencing the world via motorhome provides the ideal balance.  As you prepare for your upcoming RV trip, consider adding these bits of RV tech and travel tech gadgets to your packing list if you really want to feel at home.  

Portable Speaker

A little music goes a long way in making your campsite feel like home and of all the tech gadgets we’ve seen, portable speakers seem to be getting increasingly more popular.  There is an incredible variety in this RV tech and buyers can explore countless different options that vary in terms of size, audio output, battery life, water resistance, etc.  Whether you are sitting around the picnic table for lunch, relaxing around the campfire in the evening or enjoying a big view at the end of a long hike, this little bit of travel tech can add a lot to your RV vacation.

Portable Charger

While your RV does have electric capabilities, your itinerary will dictate how readily available electricity is.  If you find yourself parking at more rustic or remote campgrounds without hookups, or intend on embarking on multi-day hikes into the backcountry, portable chargers are a bit of travel tech that you simply cannot live without.  There is nothing more infuriating than lining up to take the perfect photo of that unforgettable sunset and having your phone or camera die.  With lightweight, efficient, and affordable portable chargers flooding the RV tech market, that never has to be a concern again.  This is a piece of travel tech that you will soon wonder how you ever lived without.

WiFi Hot-Spot

It is simply incredible how far technology has come in such a short period of time.  With a portable WiFi hot-spot, you’ll virtually never have to be without internet again.  These tech gadgets are perfect for those with unknown or not fully developed itineraries, those planning to work from the road, or road trippers heading down into Mexico.  Don’t be caught out of communication.  Add a WiFi hot-spot to your tech shopping list today!

Heading out on a road trip, exploring California’s beautiful countryside, and soaking up nature is the perfect summertime activity, but at 1st Choice RV we understand the apprehension that comes with leaving the “real world” behind.  Now, however, that no longer needs to be a concern.  Build your tech gadget packing list for your upcoming RV road trip with 1st Choice RV and, aside from the wheels underneath your bed, it’ll feel like you never left home!


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