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Living Stress-Free in Your RV

Posted on Sep 30, 2020

1st Choice RV Can Help You Get Stress-Free in an RV

The last few months have provided quite an education in how to stay safe physically but keeping safe mentally may be proving to be an even bigger challenge. These are stressful times, and extended periods of isolation can build on it. Many of us want to change our scenes. A great way to do this, and reduce stress, is to refocus on reconnecting with nature and the out of doors.

The RV lifestyle requires some knowledge in order to reduce stress. Whether you opt for a self-contained motorhome or a travel trailer, we’d like to offer a solution to these problems, rather than you having to simply replace them with a whole new set of problems.

1st Choice RV can help you make your adventure a pleasant one. From preparation and packing, route planning and driving, to setting up camp and making sure you enjoy yourself once you get there. The best way to deal with issues is to address them before they become problems. Here are some things to consider, to make sure that your RV experience is a stress-reducing adventure.

Ways to Experience a Stress-Free RV Lifestyle

RVs are an all-in-one experience. This means that you are self-contained, so it can be quite a daunting amount to consider for some at first. So, establishing a system and some checkpoints is certainly time well spent.

Plan for the trip ahead: navigation is much more than hitting the road and driving. Anticipating the route ahead can prevent some real headaches. There are some great apps that not only report traffic conditions in real-time but weather reports, road conditions, store and gas station locations and camp-site destinations as well. Using this information can ease your mind as you travel.

Prepare for the unexpected: Part of what makes this an adventure can be the surprises and challenges along the way. Having the right information can help you address them calmly when they arise. Many challenges require some “on-the-fly” how-to troubleshooting. Spend some time before you leave searching the RV sites, blogs, and videos. Details like general information about the operation of your RV, like battery switches and maintenance, are invaluable bits of knowledge. There are resource portals available for information specific to your model of RV.

Bringing it all with you: Sometimes it is better to get away from the crowds. The crowded campsites, tourist attractions and other populated destinations can be just as stressful as where you came from. Truly getting away from the crowds can be the best stress-reducer. Getting into nature is a great way to change your scene and improve your mood.

Simplify: A great way to reduce stress is to deal with less “stuff.” Being prepared is good, but unnecessary items can be confusing. There is usually a fair amount of storage compartment space in an RV, so keeping things put away can help your overall peace of mind.

Campsite set-up: If you are new to this, you can learn step-by-step instructions for setting up a cozy campsite simply by watching a video or reading a blog. You might print them out in case connectivity becomes an issue. If you’ve considered and prepared your “self-contained RV”, you may be able to focus solely on finding the best location.

This is about enjoying yourself: Not only should you remember to treat yourself well, but also treat those around you well. We are all happiest when we serve others. From getting there to being there, living healthily can be an art. You might try a health and wellness video or podcast before you go. This can be a great attitude reset button. We are all trained to survive where we live, it takes a little of time to retrain yourself. Yoga, stretching, and meditation are all great tools for making this shift.

Share yourself with those you trust: Being kind to others doesn’t mean being silent, and there’s nothing like a campsite to share yourself. But take care and keep it light, not moody. You have a trip to navigate through, navigating through a strong personality can be tricky. Think of bringing your best friend. Also, remember you can bring your pet in an RV with you.

Want to Take a Stress-Reducing Road Trip? Think about 1st Choice RV Rentals in Orange County

There are freedoms and comforts with a motorhome rental in Orange County from 1st Choice RV. Motorhome rentals in Southern California are a great way to see more of what California has to offer, especially if you’re interested in slowing down the pace a bit.

Where you go from here is up to you. At 1st Choice RV, we see our job as getting you there safely, comfortably, and happily. Your first move is to call us. We are here to answer your questions and make a stress-free trip easy to do. Book your reservation today and worry not!


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