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Tips For Finding Free And Cheap Entertainment On The Road

Posted on Dec 14, 2020

As the leading provider of California motorhome rentals, we at 1st Choice RV know better than anyone how unforgettable an Orange County RV road trip can be. From exploring new places to spending extended time with friends and family, there are countless reasons why your Southern California RV rental is the ticket to the perfect getaway. While 1st Choice boasts some of the most affordable RV rental prices in California we also understand that, like any vacation, ancillary costs can add up. Thankfully for you, there are plenty of cheap and free entertainment options when on the road in your California RV rentals. Below are some of our favourites.


One of the biggest draws to any Southern California RV rental vacation is being able to spend extended periods of time in the great outdoors. One of the easiest and most accessible ways to do so, of course, is hiking. No matter where you take your Orange County RV on your road trip there are sure to be some great hiking opportunities nearby for all abilities and fitness levels. Even better, most of these options will be entirely free.

Local Museums

Local museums are a great, and affordable, way to learn a lot about the places you visit in your California motorhome rentals. Many small, seemingly nondescript California towns have enthralling histories that are often told in quaint local museums with free or cheap admission.

Farmer’s Markets

The Golden State is the country’s most agriculturally productive state and, as such, farmer’s markets dot the landscape up and down the coast. These events are free and fun to explore, and they are also a great way to get some local and fresh ingredients while you cook delicious meals in your California RV rentals.

National and State Parks

California is home to 280 state parks, 9 national parks, and countless other national monuments and explorable green spaces. Each park offers something beautiful and unique to explore, and admission is incredibly affordable for what you get to enjoy. For example, an annual national park pass – good for admission to every national park in the country for everyone in your vehicle – costs a nominal $80. Also, don’t forget to check the size restrictions of each national or state park you decide to go.

Live Music

Especially in the summer months, free live music can be found all over The Golden State. From local pop-up acts in plazas and on street corners to free festivals and national touring acts in parks, live music is always a great way to spice up your Orange County RV road trip. Free music is an added bonus!

A Quick Online Search

You will be pleasantly surprised by what you find when searching for free entertainment or activities along your Southern California RV rental road trip itinerary. Many big-name museums, zoos, aquariums, and other institutions offer occasional free admission days. Other destinations that you may have never considered could soon become your vacation highlights!

While 1st Choice RV has the most affordable RV rental prices in California, we understand that there is still a cost associated with these unforgettable vacations. Lucky for you, there are ample opportunities to get out and experience the best of California without breaking the bank. Explore our recommendations above, discover your own, and give 1st Choice RV a call to begin transforming your Southern California RV rental dreams into reality.


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