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How can I convince my Kids to go RVing this year?

Posted on Sep 30, 2023

The friendly folks at 1st Choice RV are all too familiar with the fun and magic of a family RV trip with Southern California motorhome rentals. While it isn’t hard to sell parents on dreams of adventure, quality time, and unplugging from the busy world around them, it can be more difficult to convince your kids that a family RV trip is something worth getting excited about.

Lucky for you, we have decades of experience in both Southern California motorhome rentals and helping craft dream vacations for all of our customers. Below are some tips and tricks to help you convince your kids to join on an RV adventure this year and once you’ve won them over, give 1st Choice RV a call for the best RV rental in Orange County.

Understand the Concerns

The first step in convincing your kids to not only join but be excited about a family RV trip is to understand why they are so reluctant. Oftentimes, these concerns stem from being away from home, missing their friends, or unplugging from technology. With a little tact, you can easily address why adventure on the road is something special, how they can meet new friends and different campgrounds, and how they don’t need to fully unplug for the entirety of the vacation.

Involve Them in Planning

Kids will have much more buy-in to your Southern California motorhome rentals if you involve them in the planning process. RV travel offers you almost unlimited freedom to roam, so why not allow your kids to pick a destination or two along your adventure? You will likely be surprised with where they want to go and may even discover some new favorite destinations you wouldn’t have chosen on your own!

Talk-Up the Fun and Adventure

There are unlimited opportunities for fun and adventure on the road, and these become perfect selling points for your kids as the itinerary starts to take shape. National parks, campgrounds with unique amenities, amusement parks – there are countless things to look forward to, and by focusing on these and building the excitement, any previous concerns will be left by the wayside.

Focus on the RV Itself

Many kids don’t fully understand the comfort of a motorhome, instead associating them with more rustic styles of camping. Explaining this comfort to your kids – and even showing them photographs – can be a good way to quell any reluctance they may have.

RVs truly are a unique and luxurious way to see the world, and with a little coaching, your kids will be thrilled to join. If your kids have a fear of unplugging and are tied to their technology, you have a couple of options. You can either ensure them that there is cell service and wifi at most campgrounds or encourage them to put their phones and tablets down for a couple of short weeks to embrace the magic of the world around them.

The family RV trip is a classic style of vacation and the perfect way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. While it may initially be a challenge to get your kids on board, it won’t take long for them to understand the fun and adventure that awaits their motorhome road trip, you can do both indoor and outdoor activities.

For more advice on how to convince your kids to go RVing or for the best RV rental in Orange County, give 1st Choice RV a call today at (949) – 481- 3900 We’re always here for you!


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