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6 Cozy Campfire Recipes for Fall Camping

Posted on Oct 14, 2020

Cozy Campfires and Comfort Food for Fall

The campfire is more of a gathering place during cooler fall months. It is the source of warmth and good comfort food. The shoulder season is here! Staying warm in cooler weather burns calories, and so during this time of year, calories start to become the currency.

Many of these tasty recipes can be found in a single pot, but they all stick to your ribs and warm you up. Here are some to try, your biggest challenge will be to schedule them all in.

The Right Recipes for Keeping Your Camp Cozy

Here are some favourites that are sure to please just about everyone:

Kebabs: This is a classic for the campfire. Again, it is a great way to cater to different tastes. Some may prefer beef, some may prefer chicken, some may want more vegetables. Any way you go, the fire makes it tasty. You can marinate the meat before the trip and even freeze it. It’s as simple as skewering and putting them on the grill. This one is so simple it might make a great first-night dinner.

Breakfast: A fall back for preparing eggs on a campfire is to scramble them, but there is an easy way to serve them individually if you prefer. Try using a muffin pan, that way each egg can cook in its self-contained compartment. Make sure that each muffin cup in the tray is oiled or greased first so they don’t stick, if the temperature of the fire is a bit tougher to predict, that could become a problem. The muffin pan is perfect for the fire. Add toast, bacon and coffee, and there is no better way to kick off a beautiful day.

Personal Quiches: If you want to get fancy, use the muffin tray to cook mini individual quiches. This is another recipe that can be prepared before the trip, so you simply pour the mixture into the muffin tray cups and place it on the fire. They also make a great snack to warm up in the microwave or over the still smouldering fire later in the day.

Hearty Campfire Casserole: This one is the ultimate cool-weather comfort food recipe. Combine beans, ground beef, and bacon, then pour it over a biscuit. It’s easy and substantial– a campfire favourite. Be sure to make enough. It is easy to eat a lot of this one.

Flat Rock Pizza: A campfire is a great place to make a pizza. If you find just the right flat rock, it is a natural way to cook it. Whether you prefer a simple pepperoni or more toppings, that is the beauty of it. You can make it what you want. You can even divide up the pie to suit different tastes. Pizza night takes on a whole new flavour.

Camp Fries: Where would the kids be without this favourite. Some like them with garlic, some don’t. That is up to you. This can be a main snack (maybe covered in cheese?), or a side dish that goes well with hotdogs or hamburgers.

You may even decide to go RV camping so that you can enjoy all of this great food! It is as good an excuse as any! Don’t forget the smores!

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