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Top RV Accessories

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

Purchasing an RV is a big decision. Ensuring that your RV is equipped with the latest RV accessories can help to enhance your trip on the road even more.  Below are our top RV accessory picks that will enhance your next RV trip experience!

RV Awning

The first RV accessory to consider is an awning. An awning comes in handy for those who like privacy, shade and protection from rain. It is best to choose an awning that has mildew resistance fabric with color that makes your RV come alive.

Extra Sewer Hose

Sewage is a messy subject that tends to be avoided. However, with only you to blame in case the unthinkable does happen, it should definitely be prepared for. Sewage hoses can get damaged in a variety of ways such as animal trespassing, damage from rocks and incorrect storage.

Child Gates (multi purpose)

Children can be rug rats at the best of time. Therefore, if they are going to be on your RV it is highly recommended that you invest in child gates. Gates with interlocking panels are you best bet for safety as well as the ability to be used for various other opportunities, such as fencing your dogs, protecting belongings from invaders and acting as a divider between your RV and social spaces.  You can easily purchase child gates in large box retailers such as Wal-Mart of Target.

Rear-view Trailer Level

At $15 – $20, the purchasing of a rear-view trailer level is your last necessary accessory to make your RV trip an unforgettable one. The level sits on the front of the trailer in view of the rear-view mirror, which allows the driver to test the levelness on all four planes without the need of other assistance.

RV Rentals in California

At 1st Choice RV, we understand everything about RVs. RV accessories can really make all the difference on a RV trip.  Talk to our team today by calling our Toll Free (888) 238-RENT or come visit our offices to get a first hand look at all our latest RV models!

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