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Stargazing in a Los Angeles RV Rental

Posted on Sep 25, 2021

You have countless reasons to book a Los Angeles RV rental and drive this fall, including the opportunity to observe the night sky under the stars. From hiking and outdoor activities to soaking up the many scenic vistas across The Golden State, to simply sitting around a campfire with those you care about. The joys that come with renting a motorhome in Los Angeles, California are endless.

Camping within a Los Angeles RV rental is the most comfortable and enjoyable way to escape into the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of home. Your Calabasas RV will serve as the perfect vehicle to get you into the great outdoors, with all the commodities of home. And of course, one of the biggest perks of taking RV rentals outside of the city is soaking up the night sky.

Camping under the stars is one of those things that everyone needs to experience, and the further you take your LA motorhome rental away from the big city lights and smog the brighter the stars will be. If stargazing in your Los Angeles RV rentals is a top priority for your upcoming LA motorhome vacation, here are a few things to consider!

Stargazer Apps and Resources

If you are new to stargazing, consider purchasing a stargazer app on your phone to help identify the celestial bodies above you. For the more old-fashioned Calabasas RV travellers, there are many books and tools that will enable you to identify stars and constellations on your own. If you are drawn to the stories behind the constellations, be sure to grab a book or app that not only teaches you what you are seeing but the mythology behind it as well.

Learn about the phases of the Moon

As you take to the road in your Los Angeles RV rentals in search of stars, be sure to pay attention to the phases of the moon as well. Things like moonrises, moonsets, full moons, and new moons will have an impact on how visible the stars are. Viewing the moon and tracking its phases can be spectacular in its own right, but if stars are your top priority then be sure to time your road trip right!

Celestial Events

The stars are always spectacular, but if you are lucky your RV rentals road trip may line up with a more rare celestial event. Passing comets, meteor showers, or planet visibility can add an exclamation point to your night sky viewing adventure. For a mostly complete calendar of celestial events, visit The Sky.

Take Your LA RV Rental to Dark Parks

While it may seem trivial once you leave the city, some places really are darker than others and that can make all the difference in stargazing. Destinations like Death Valley and the Kelso Dunes are some of the darkest in the state, and small off-the-map communities like Oasis, Hackamore, and Sage Hen – though maybe not your typical tourist destination – boast some of the best stargazing in California.

No matter where you plan to take your Los Angeles motorhomes on your upcoming RV road trip, be sure to pencil in some time to soak up the night sky. Whether you are a devoted stargazer or casual observer, the stars and celestial bodies above us will always be an amazing sight to behold.

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