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Perfect Christmas Gifts for your California RV Rentals Road Trip

Posted on Nov 15, 2017

The holidays are right around the corner and whether you already have a Los Angeles RV rental lined up for an upcoming vacation or are considering RV rentals in California in the new year, there are plenty of awesome gifts out there that will make your California motorhome road trip that much better.  Better yet, many of these gifts are not only great for your Calabasas RV rental but can be used just about anywhere as well.  This Christmas, start planning ahead for your California RV rentals road trip and, when it comes time to book, speak with the pros at 1st Choice RV for the best RV rental prices in Los Angeles.

Break the News of your California RV Rentals Road Trip with an Ornament

If you are trying to surprise your significant other or family with an upcoming California motorhome road trip, there is no better time to break the news than on Christmas.  A fun way to do it might be to present an RV or motorhome ornament as a gift.  Imagine the initial look of confusion transform into pure joy and excitement as you explain that the gift is more than an ornament but a full Calabasas RV rental road trip!  Check out Etsy or for some great creative options.

Bring the Party Anywhere with Wireless Portable Speakers

Music goes hand in hand with road trips.  Whether you are cruising down the highway in your Calabasas RV or listening to background music as you have dinner and conversation you can’t have a road trip without some tunes.  This Christmas, consider gifting some burly wireless Bluetooth speakers so you can have your music both inside your Los Angeles RV rental while you are parked and around the campfire when you are enjoying the great outdoors.  

Add a Little Magic to your Campfire with a Rainbow Flame Stick

Spending quality time with loved ones is what road trips in California RV rentals is all about, and this gift is sure to get your kids excited to be out late around the campfire roasting marshmallows and telling stories.  Rainbow Flame Sticks are a great stocking stuffer and can add hours of entertainment to your evening festivities.  Simply place them in your fire pit and watch as the blue and green flames dance amongst the standard reds and oranges.

The holidays are here and, if you plan on giving gifts to a loved one, now is the time to start shopping.  You are guaranteed to make lasting memories on your Los Angeles RV rental road trip, and those memories can start this holiday season with some well thought out gift giving to make your vacation that much more magical.  When the time comes for the biggest gift of all, and you are ready to rent your Calabasas RV, give us a call at 1st Choice RV for the best RV rental prices in Los Angeles.

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