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Gift Ideas for RVers

Posted on Aug 30, 2019

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, which means the holidays are right around the corner.  Whether someone in your family is a regular RV road tripper or had their first experience this summer, it’s never too early to start thinking about potential RV gift ideas.  There is no shortage of fun and practical RV gift ideas for the motorhome enthusiast in your life.  Below are some favorites of the staff here at Expedition Motorhomes. 

National Park Pass

Without question our favorite RV gift idea year after year is an annual national park pass.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  A national park pass is good for an entire year and offers the holder access to any national park in the country – including over 2,000 federal recreation sites, wildlife refuges, monuments, and parks.  Even if your gift recipient doesn’t have a major road trip on the calendar yet, chances are they will be able to put this park pass to use!

Extended Mirrors

Arguably the hardest thing about motorhome road trips is driving the motorhome, and one thing that can help with this is extended mirrors.  Current designs have addressed previous issues of vibration and compatibility with different shapes.  You can now buy extended side mirrors for virtually any vehicle, helping eliminate the stress and anxiety of backing up or switching lanes in a vehicle bigger than you usually drive. 

State Sticker or Magnet Map

This one is a classic for any road trip enthusiasts.  If you are slowly visiting state after state after state, why not keep track in a fun and decorate way?  There is a variety of state sticker or magnet maps that help the owners identify and keep track of which states they’ve visited and which are left.  This also acts as a great tool to help RVers plan future road trip itineraries if the goal is to visit all 50 States!

String Lights

There are countless options for string lights nowadays, and it is up to you to find the design and color scheme you like.  No matter which you choose, adding some color and light to your mobile patio is a great way to extend your evenings outdoors and add some ambiance to your campsite. 

Hitch Safe Key Vault

Many people on motorhome road trips park their RV and take advantage of the beautiful natural world around them.  Whether they are hiking, biking, fishing, or exploring an area in their own way RV road trips are perfect for adventure.  The adventure you want to avoid however, is that which occurs when you lose a key or lock yourself out of both your home and vehicle.  The trailer hitch key vault is your answer to this.  The metal construction and passcode entry allows for you to go on whatever adventure the day holds and not have to worry about losing your keys along the way.

Comfy Camp Chairs

While many campsites come with at least a picnic table, there is no substitution for a comfortable camp chair.  Again, there are countless varieties to choose from and it is up to you (or your gift recipient) to find the most comfortable!  No matter what you choose, though, we guarantee they will be more comfortable than a wooden picnic bench. 

RV Travel Journal

So much happens when you are on the road, and it would be a shame to forget it all!  While many people keep track of things on their phones or computers, there is nothing like keeping notes and telling stories in a journal.  Nowadays, there are special travel journals that are easy to fill in and include special prompts to help motivate those with writer’s block.  Journals like these make perfect gifts for friends and family who travel a lot and seem to have story after story upon return!

It is never too early to start thinking about gifts for the holidays and, if you have a passionate RV enthusiast in your life, the list of potential options is endless.  Above are just some of our favorite and must-have items at 1st Choice RV, but the list is endless.  There are countless ways to help enhance an RV road trip – from the smallest gift to the grandest gesture – and finding the perfect present is half the fun!


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