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Why You Should Rent an RV Before Buying It

Posted on Nov 11, 2019

Is the RVing lifestyle right for you? How do you know for sure? What is the best way to find out? We suggest that you rent an RV before you buy one. Just driving one is a whole other experience than the average vehicle. 

Driving an RV

So, first, realize that you may or may not understand the learning curve at the beginning. The sale is done and you’re driving away. You are the one who needs to make sure that you feel comfortable navigating this moving home before you purchase it. So, renting an RV is a good idea for the simple reason that you won’t be driving someone else’s RV without them first making sure that you’re comfortable driving it.

By renting first, you not only find out if driving an RV is for you, but you can also decide what type of RV you prefer driving. Maybe you’re challenged when it comes to towing a trailer and so you prefer another class of vehicle, or maybe you decide that you do like the idea of an autonomous dwelling area. So, you may want to test out several types before making this big decision.

The RV Structure

Simply the fact that these vehicles are mobile and that there is a lot of weight shifting causes some extra stress and strain. Understanding that these vehicles can be fragile is good to be aware of before you commit. Things fall apart, especially if they’re moving. The trick if you decide this is for you is to find a way to be at ease about it. 

The RV Life

Sometimes it is best to find out what you like… before you commit fully. It may look like home but then, maybe it ends up feeling like you’re living on a boat? Things you assume are the same as a home with a foundation may not be. You need to deal with certain limitations, from water and electricity to propane, and particularly internet connectivity. Again, renting is a great way to sample this life before you decide to be “all-in.”

The Floor Plan

When it comes to living spaces, everyone seems to be different. For instance, some people need more cooking space, some need bigger bathrooms. You may feel that you can determine these things ahead of time, but there’s nothing like occupying a space to get the best feel for how it works for you.

The RV Basic Needs

What do you bring and what do you leave? What can you do without? It certainly is a minimal lifestyle, not one for the hoarder. If you’re not into downsizing, renting an RV will help you understand that. This might just be a great way to start your journey to a more minimal way of life.

So, if you think you want to purchase an RV, rent before you buy. It is a great way to find out what you are looking for. But do remember to check out the wide selection at 1st Choice RV


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