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Where to Dump RV Waste

Posted on Jul 03, 2020

Before You Go, You Should Know About RV Waste

There are some pretty important things you’ll need to know about RV waste before you embark on your trip. As much as it is one of those topics that many would prefer not to think about, getting it figured out ahead of time makes things a whole lot easier and smoother down the road.

Knowing how and where to dump RV waste and locating dump stations along your trip should be priority-one for a smooth trip. There’s nothing like getting back on the road with an empty waste tank!

Know Your Dump Stations

This is a place for safely disposing of waste for RVs. Typically, you hook up a hose to your RV and it pumps the waste into a communal septic tank. It is important to know where dump stations are along the route you plan to take before you set out. These can be found in seconds by going online while plotting your route. Several informational dump websites list locations. You could also download apps to your phone that are dedicated to finding dump sites near you with little time or effort. Your RV dealer is also a good source for the nearest dump stations.

For obvious reasons, it is important to only use a designated dump spot. It is completely environmentally safe and eliminates the risk of contaminating surrounding areas with unsanitary conditions.

Other Options

RV Parks: Extended stay or popular RV campgrounds may offer this service. Blackwater disposal services may be included in the nightly fee.

Gas Stations: Gas stations or truck stops, especially if one is near a recreational area, are likely to have dumping facilities.

A Home Septic Tank: This may be an easy solution providing you have a macerator pump.

Parks: Some parks still offer this service, but it is better to call ahead as this option is less likely to be available than it used to be.

RV Dealerships: For a fee, you may be able to use their services.

Waste-Water Treatment Plant: This is ultimately where it all ends up, and although locations are not very obvious, they often do provide a solution for disposing of waste.

Sporting Goods Stores: Although less common, they do embrace the culture of life on the road and may have thought of this unorthodox source of revenue.

It Isn’t Glamourous, but it is Oh So Necessary

It is a little talked about the reality of RV camping. You’ll have to dispose of your wastewater. It is not a glamourous task, but it has to be done. So, make sure it is done most efficiently and correctly. If you don’t plan for it up-front, it can become quite a challenge.

At 1st Choice RV, we want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible. We provide our renters with training ahead of time, so when you are on your vacation, you’ve got it down. You can find more information in our “Exterior Training Video”, or simply contact us.


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