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3 Reasons to Visit California’s National Parks in your Orange County RV Rental This Summer

Posted on Aug 19, 2016

This year marks the centennial of America’s National Park System, so what better time to visit some of the country’s finest in your Southern California RV rental?  From the low desert in Death Valley to the iconic peaks and ridgelines of Yosemite, California is home to some of the country’s oldest and most beautiful parks.  Each one has something special and unique to offer visitors, and one of the best ways to experience these wild places is when you rent an RV in California.  An Orange County RV rental will enable you to experience all of the beauty of the outdoors without compromising the comforts of home, and the Golden State’s national parks are some of the most beautiful in the country.  Keep reading if you need more reason than that to visit one this summer!

Bank some Quality Family Time with your Orange County RV Rental

Life tends to move by quicker than we expect, and it is easy to get caught up in tasks while letting the important things slip through the cracks.  Visiting a national park with your family is the perfect way to spend quality time with loved ones while also building memories that will last a lifetime.  Going on hikes, taking in scenic vistas, and attending ranger programs are just a sampling of the incredible family-friendly activities that you and yours will never forget.  There’s no time like the present to pick an RV to rent in California and hit the road for your family’s national park road trip.

Do your Part to Help Fight Nature Deficit Disorder

In 2005, journalist Richard Louv put together a wide array of research in his book Last Child in the Woods.  He believes, and research has shown, that an increasing disconnect with nature could have ties to many underlying problems in children and adults alike – a term he has dubbed nature deficit disorder.   This summer, help fight this nature deficit disorder and get outside!  Experiencing the national parks with an Orange County RV rental is the perfect way to ease your mind, cleanse your soul, and even improve your health.  

Park your Southern California RV Rental in a National Park for Future Generations

Creating the national parks was arguably one of the most unique and iconic things the United States has ever accomplished.  By doing so, the U.S. set a precedent for the importance of wild places and preserving them.  Now it is our responsibility to keep visiting, appreciating, and demonstrating our love for these national treasures so congress knows that, as a people, we still value these parks and wild places for all they provide.  By visiting them ourselves we can help ensure that they are still around for future generations to enjoy as well!


Before summer’s over, rent an RV in California and hit the road to visit some of the country’s best parks and natural spaces right here in The Golden State.  Places like Joshua Tree, Sequoia/King’s Canyon, and Yosemite are icons of the American West and perfect places to visit for a quick weekend or long summer road trip.  Help celebrate the National Park’s 100th Birthday this summer and soak in all that our wonderful parks have to offer by hitting the road in a rental motorhome from 1st Choice RV.



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