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Use your California RV Rentals to Experience a California Springtime Festival

Posted on Feb 25, 2018

February is quickly drawing to a close which means spring is right around the corner. This season provides some of the best opportunities to take your 1 st Choice RV California motorhome rental out on the road to experience the best of what The Golden State has to offer. Spring means fewer crowds, great weather, and a wide array of unique festivals that make for the perfect add-ons to your California RV rentals road trip. Read on to discover a few of our favorite festivals taking place in early March of 2018.

Point your California RV Rentals North to Experience the best of Artistic Expression

From March 1 st to the 10 th , consider taking your California motorhome rental to Fresno, California in the center of the state to experience a truly one-of- a-kind artistic experience. The Rogue Festival boasts perhaps the most unique and creative display of artistic freedom and seeks to celebrate the individual. Hard to put into words, this Fringe Festival showcases some of the most impressive, bizarre, and beautiful displays of artistic expression that you can imagine.

Visit Redlands on your California Motorhome Rental Family Road Trip

If you are planning an early spring road trip with your family, don’t miss your opportunity to visit Redlands – just east of Los Angeles – for the Charlotte S. Huck Children’s Literature Festival on March 2 nd and 3 rd . This year marks Paddington Bear’s 60 th birthday and will offer many different break-out sessions and discussions with well known scholars and authors in the field of children’s literature. centers/school-of- education/childrens-literature-festival- 2018/

Head South in your California RV Rentals for the Annual Festival of Whales

If you are planning a Southern California road trip, don’t miss visiting the coastal town of Dana Point over the first two weekends of March for the annual Festival of Whales. Each weekend will feature art, beachside entertainment, opportunities for whale watching, plenty of live music, games, contests, food, and much more. If you end up in the area in early March, this would be a tough one to miss!
March can be the ideal time to schedule a California motorhome rental road trip and, if you do so, try and schedule your itinerary around one of the state’s many fun and unique springtime festivals. If the above three didn’t get you excited, check the link below for even more options. Of course, if you have questions along the way, our passionate staff at 1 st Choice RV is always here to help. Check also our last article on our sister company’s website: Expedition Motorhomes to plan your next trip!


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