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Top Camping Hacks

Posted on May 27, 2020

Motorhome road trips are a great means of adventure for just about anyone, and the more time you spend in and around RVs the more of an expert you will become. There are many ways to improve your camping experience, and each person will have their own tricks of the trade. To truly excel in the RV road trip game, you will need a certain attention to detail and a creative outlook. The professionals at 1st Choice RV have been around the industry long enough to develop our own favorite camping hacks to improve life on the road. Check out some of our favorites below, and add your own to the list as you, too, become an expert motorhome adventurer.

Use Tic Tac Containers for Spices

Living efficiently in an RV requires some critical thinking to make the most of your limited storage and space. One of our favorite ways to save space in the kitchen is to use tic tac containers to hold a large variety of spices while taking up a limited amount of space.

Build a Mini First-Aid Kit for your Adventures

While you should carry a comprehensive first-aid kit in your motorhome, it will likely be too big to bring along for day hikes and adventures around camp. To combat this, build a mini first-aid kit small enough to throw in your pack or pocket. Using an old Altoids tin can be a great way to compile bandaids, mole skin, sanitizer, tweezers, a small knife and other little items you may need to address any bumps and scrapes you pick up on the trail.

Dehydrate of Prepackage your Meals

Again, space is everything when it comes to RV living, and carefully prepackaging your meals can go along way in increasing kitchen efficiency. There are a lot of meals you can dehydrate at home and bring along in convenient packages. If you don’t have a dehydrate, you can still downsize ingredients and prepackage other meals. Pancakes, for instance, can be mixed ahead of time using shortening and dry milk so they are all but ready to cook up come breakfast time.

Freeze Gallons of Water for your Cooler

Constantly stopping at gas stations and grocery stores to refill your coolers with ice can be a hassle. To get you started on your road trip, freeze some gallons of water to make solid bricks of ice to keep your cooler cold. These solid blocks will last longer and create less of a mess when they went. When you stop for the night or nights, you can always refreeze them in the motorhome freezer to reuse once you hit the road!

Hang Bungee Cords or a Suspension Rod in the Shower

Despite the convenience of having a shower in your motorhome, many folks opt to use the showers provided at campgrounds. If you don’t plan on using your shower for cleaning, put it to use as an additional closet instead. Rig some bungee cords or a suspension rod across the middle, and all of a sudden your RV has gained a totally functional second or third closet.

While these five camping hacks are sure to make your motorhome road trip much more enjoyable, it won’t be long before you start uncovering other hacks and secrets yourself. Before long you, too, will become a motorhome road trip wizard – much like the staff at 1st Choice RV.


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