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Tips to Travel Responsibly in your California RV Rentals

Posted on Jun 15, 2018

Some people that are considering using RV rentals in California as the main vehicle and means for vacation are concerned about the impact they have.  At 1st Choice RV, we totally understand this and also work with our clients to provide them the support they need to travel responsibly while on their RV road trip.  While they may not be the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road, motorhomes are a great alternative to many other forms of recreation or vacation. Additionally, there are many steps you can take once you have picked up your California RV rentals to mediate their overall impact and lessen your concerns.  There are countless ways to vacation responsibly on the road – below are some of the easiest.

Improve your Fuel Economy with Responsible Driving

Perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to travel responsibly in your California RV rentals is to consciously work to improve your fuel economy.  By maintaining a consistent speed, driving at appropriate speeds, and not excessively exceeding the speed limit you will reduce the amount of fuel you are burning.  Additionally, by packing efficiently and not bringing excess items, you can reduce the weight of your rental RV and save on fuel as a result.


Just because you are traveling and constantly on the move doesn’t mean you need to give up the common and responsible practice of recycling.  Living out of a more confined space should motivate you to recycle and consider your purchases even more. Buy food with reusable containers or sealable bags, try to avoid unnecessary plastics like water bottles and grocery bags, and, of course, recycle all items that can be when it is convenient to do so.  Different parks or cities may have different recycling protocols and stipulations so make sure you are heeding the local rules!

Visit Responsible Destinations

The beauty of RV travel is that you can take it almost anywhere.  California has a lot to offer visitors, and the world is your oyster as far as choosing destinations goes.  You have all the power to visit places that promote responsible travel. National parks, conservation centers, and ecotourism and sustainable destinations are aplenty in The Golden State.  Supporting places like these is a great way to make a positive impact while traveling responsibly.

While California RV rentals on the surface may, to some, seem obtrusive they don’t have to be.  The truth is, there are many ways to travel and live responsibly while using a motorhome as your vehicle and abode on vacations.  The above three tips are easy to implement on your own. If you want more suggestions, our expert staff at 1st Choice RV is full of other tricks of the trade and is always eager to help!


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