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Tips for RVing with Your Dog

Posted on Mar 25, 2023

Camping with pets can be such a delight, and who doesn’t want to travel with their best friend? An RV trip with your dog is a great way to take advantage of Orange County RV rentals and take to the open road. Of course, some special considerations should be made with taking an RV trip with your pet, but when trained and managed well, RV dogs can add a certain level of magic to your RV rental road trip. Here at 1st Choice RV, our expert staff is always eager to help plan a dog trip, as we know just how much fun camping with dogs can be. What follows are a few of our best tips when it comes to taking our Orange County rentals on the road with your best friend.

Plan Ahead for Dog Policies

Virtually all campgrounds that you visit with your Orange County RV rentals will have a policy that addresses camping with pets. When on a dog trip, it is wise to build an itinerary and familiarize yourself with the pet policies for where you will be staying. Some campgrounds are strict, while others are incredibly dog friendly; some even have special amenities for your furry family.

Here are some of the best Pet Friendly RV campgrounds in California.

Pack for your Pet

When preparing for your RV trip with your dog, don’t forget to pack all of their essentials. Food, treats, bowls, toys, leashes, medication, and beds are all critical. While packing appropriately will make your life easier, it is also important to maintain a high level of routine and comfort for your RV dogs as – by the very nature of travel – you will be shaking up their daily routine significantly. The more comfort and familiarity that you can provide for your pet, the better.

Create a Vet Plan

Before beginning an RV trip with your pet, create a plan with your vet back home. Make sure your dog is cleared to travel, vaccines are up to date, and you have all of their necessary medication. Further, know where the nearest vet is to your destination, and familiarize yourself with any unique risks posed by the area you will be traveling. When it comes to dogs, local wildlife is a great thing to become familiar with.

Be a Good Neighbor

You will likely have close proximity neighbors when sharing a campground in your Orange County motorhome rental, and it is on you to be a good neighbor – just as you would be back home. Please pick up after your dog, be mindful of their barking, and create a good plan and comfy home space for your pooch should you leave them alone in the RV for an extended period.

Create a Solid Sleep Plan for your RV Pets

Routine is paramount in a dog’s day, and you will have a much more enjoyable time camping with your dog if you can establish some norms and patterns. Bedtime is the perfect time to incorporate a normal routine into your camping life and provide extra comfort for your best friend. Because most RVs will be smaller than the living space you may be used to back home, put some critical thought into how you want to manage your dog overnight.

Rent an RV in Orange County and Take Your Dog with You!

There is no “best motorhome for dogs”; however, the fleet of RV rentals at 1st Choice RV is as good as it gets. 1st Choice RV always puts the customer first with something for everyone and on every budget. For many of our clients, that means accommodating their best friends well, and few things bring us as much joy as strengthening the human-canine bond through a shared adventure.

Whether you are looking for more advice about camping with pets or are ready to reserve your motorhome today, give us a call. Our passionate staff is always happy to help!


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