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Tips for First-Timers from Experienced RV Veterans

Posted on Dec 03, 2020

As the leading provider of California motorhome rentals, the 1st Choice RV professionals understand how intimidating a Southern California RV rental road trip can be for first-timers. California RV rentals are large and expensive vehicles that certainly drive a bit differently than your daily commuter. That said, much of the apprehension comes from the unknown. After just a little time spent behind the wheel of an Orange County trailer rental or Southern California RV rental, you will quickly discover these vehicles are not that intimidating after all. Don’t believe us? Here are some tips for first-timers from experienced RV veterans.

Dedicate Time to Get Comfortable Behind the Wheel

Before pulling off into the sunset in your California motorhome rentals, spend a little time getting familiar with how your vehicle drives and handles. Many first-timers are surprised how quickly they pick up the intricacies of driving their Orange County RV, which seems scary from the outside. Still, it is good to become familiar with the vehicle before setting off on a long California RV rentals road trip.

Set Realistic Expectations

California is a road-trippers dream, and there is more than a lifetime of things to see and experience in The Golden State. That being the case, it is important to set realistic expectations for your Orange County RV road trip. Build an itinerary that allows for plenty of time to enjoy the places you are visiting instead of spending day after day driving long hours on the road.

Enjoy the Journey

Coupled with the last tip, it is essential to enjoy the journey to make the most of your road trip. Orange Country trailer rentals and RVs are not decided to race, and you will travel much safer and efficiently by keeping the speedometer around 60 mph. It is no secret that RVs use a lot of fuel, and keeping your RPMs down is the best way to reduce that cost. Cue up some good driving music, podcasts, or audiobooks, ensure your passengers are comfortable (they will be!), and that kids have something to do and enjoy the journey!

Avoid Arriving in the Dark

A common mistake for first-timers is to push it on the highway, make long driving days, and arrive at camp in the dark. This is a sure-fire recipe to make mistakes, get lost, and/or add stress to your road trip. To avoid arriving (and driving) in the dark, leave earlier in the morning if you must break up long days with a fun halfway stop along your route.

Be Friendly

RV campgrounds are a great place to meet people. If you are not trying to make friends, simply being friendly can go a long way. Your campground neighbors will often be eager to provide advice for first-time questions that come up; you can swap stories from the road and even learn of must-visit destinations that may not have been on your radar. There is no harm in being friendly!

Put up Your Awning!

This one may seem silly, but you would be surprised how many people pull out of their campground with their awning left down. Doing so can be a straightforward way to make some of the most affordable California RV rental prices a bit more expensive upon return!

The experts at 1st Choice RV have a wealth of knowledge regarding tips for first-time RV renters, but you need to get on the road and experience the adventure for yourself at the end of the day. Whether you are looking for a winter getaway or already planning for next summer, give us a call today. Our passionate staff is always happy to help build yet another once-in-a-lifetime road trip.


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