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Three of the Year’s Best Board Games for your California RV Rentals Road Trip

Posted on Aug 17, 2017

There are countless great reasons to pull your family away from home, load your luggage into California RV rentals, and take to the road.  Though the scenery and sense of adventure are two of the larger draws, ultimately, it is the quality time spent with loved ones that make these sorts of vacations unforgettable.  Whether you’re playing car games as the California landscape passes by or roasting marshmallows around the campfire at one of countless beautiful campgrounds in the Golden State, there is ample opportunity to spend undistracted time with your traveling companions.  Here at 1st Choice RV, we love the idea of playing cards or board games as you wind down for the evening.  Check out these three new family friendly games that will surely add to your California RV rentals road trip.

Santorini: A Strategic Game with a Mythological Twist

One of our favorite family-friendly board games this year is called Santorini, and it pits players against each other as they race to strategically build towers in hopes of advancing your fortress.   Heavy on the strategy, the replay value in this game comes with the Greek hero cards.  Each player is designated a figure out of Greek mythology that allows them to play the game slightly different than their opponents.  And, with a new role each game, players are easily guaranteed a road trip’s worth of entertainment.  

Kingdomino: An Award Winning Game for the Whole Family

Kingdomino won the Speil des Jahres in 2017 – a German award given to a game identified as having both high accessibility and inventiveness.  While on the surface it may seem to be based off of classic domino games, it becomes more fun when using the pictures on each piece in an effort to build your kingdom.   Variations in scoring and ever-changing game play make this an easy and addictive way to unwind with family at the end of a long day behind the wheel.

Sagrada: A Beautiful and Puzzling Game that will Keep you Coming Back for More

The aesthetics and unique story of Sagrada will draw anybody to the table, but the underlying puzzle and allure will hook even the staunchest of critics.  This game pits players against each other as they compete to construct the stained glass windows of a church – hence the beautiful aesthetics.  While the base play is simple, things become much more complicated as the puzzle unfolds and varying objectives come into play.   

Road trips in California RV rentals provide a great way to escape, relax, and disconnect for awhile.  While you are enjoying the peace and quiet of your campgrounds at night, and not basking in the glow of technology, pull out a board game for some good old-fashioned fun.  The above three are some of the best new family games of 2017 and also some of the favorites here at 1st Choice RV.  For more new board games, check out the following websites.


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