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Three Great SCUBA Diving Destinations in California

Posted on Jul 22, 2018

When people are wondering where to rent a RV in LA and hoping to try something different on their upcoming road trip, the first place to turn is 1st Choice RV.  Our inventory of motorhomes promises to have a little something for everyone and at every price point, and our expert staff are full of great ideas and destinations to make your road trip unforgettable.  While there are countless reasons to visit California, each year more and more are being drawn to the Pacific Coast. While there is a lot happening on the surface, the depths of the Pacific hold a very special and unique type of magic.  After answering where to rent a RV in LA and now starting to plan your road trip itinerary, consider taking a peak at California’s undersea environment. Whether you are an experienced diver or looking to learn, coastal California is full of great options.  Check out some of our favorites!

Wreck Alley in San Diego

San Diego is a road trip destination in its own right and, while the beaches, weather, and culture are draw enough, the diving is also spectacular.  Wreck Alley, in particular, offers divers the opportunity to explore a plethora of sunken ships. The Yukon, a 366 foot long Canadian Destroyer, sits at 100 feet deep and is still completely in tact.  While the Yukon is the main draw, many other ships have been intentionally sunk to create reef environments for oodles of marine life and a one of a kind diving experience.

Southeast Farallon Island State Marine Reserve

The Farallon Islands are famous for their ecotourism, but the diving here could be just as renowned.  Sea stacks dot the underwater landscape around these islands and, during summer and fall, this area of ocean is also home to populations of humpback, blue, gray, and killer whales.  Located near San Francisco, the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from 1st Choice RV will be rewarding in its own right.  And when you get underwater, the magic will only continue.

Veteran’s Park

If your RV road trip will keep you closer to the Los Angeles area but all of this dive talk still has you excited, check out Veteran’s Park in Redondo Beach.  The underwater life here is unique and plentiful, and hopeful divers can see octopi, giant crab, many different species of fish, and even a few species of shark.  It is also one of the best places in the state to dive at night…if you’re brave!

California sees more and more visitors each year and for good reason! The Golden State has a ton to offer, yet the vast majority of people wondering where to rent a RV in LA are staying above the surface! If inspiration strikes and you want to try something new on your upcoming road trip, give SCUBA diving a try! The California coast boasts many great options and, who knows, it may just be the start of a new lifelong passion.


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