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Ten Misconceptions about Renting an RV

Posted on Aug 30, 2019

Renting an RV is an exciting experience that opens virtually unlimited doors to travel and adventure.  While motorhomes are comfortable and convenient ways to get around, many people get anxious or nervous about the anticipated challenges that come with renting an RV or similar vehicle.  The truth is, however, that motorhome road trips and renting an RV is much easier than you would imagine.  Each year Expedition Motorhomes rents RVs to people of all ages and with all experience levels, and nearly everyone comes back smiling!  What follows are ten common misconceptions about renting an RV that our experts at Expedition Motorhomes are here to dispel. 

Driving an RV isn’t that much more difficult than driving a car

Sure RVs are larger than your standard automobile, but they aren’t that hard to drive.  You don’t need special training or a special license, and the biggest thing to get used to is the weight and size.  After just a short amount of time behind the wheel, it will feel as natural as driving your own car.

You don’t have to camp in cookie cutter campgrounds

A lot of people avoid renting an RV because they associate the experience with bland campgrounds, crowds, and screaming kids.  While there are RV campgrounds that fall into this category, there are plenty of others to choose from as well.  From primitive and remote wilderness sites without any water or electric hook-ups to luxury campgrounds that pride themselves on space and providing a high quality camping experience, there is no shortage or options on the road.

Travel trailers aren’t that scary either

If a travel trailer is more your speed or budget, give it a shot! While it may seem intimidating up front to tow a trailer behind your vehicle, it really isn’t too bad.  Just like driving a large RV, towing a trailer just takes a little practice.  Of course the most challenging part is backing it up, and even that isn’t too bad and can often be avoided if necessary.  Stop by Expedition Motorhomes and take a test drive to see which type of rental RV is best for you.

Parking an RV really isn’t that hard

Just like driving an RV, parking one isn’t that difficult either. With just a little practice, you will become familiar with the space requirements that your rental vehicle needs and how to best maneuver it.  Pull-thru parking spaces are plentiful, and backing in really isn’t that hard, especially given the help of a back-up camera and copilot.  Like with anything else, parking an RV becomes much easier with just a little practice. 

Camping in primitive sites really is worth it

Many people that rent RVs limit their camping options to campgrounds and sites with all of the hook-ups, but don’t fall into that trap.  So long as you have a stocked RV and a level place to park, primitive sites will often provide the most rewarding nights of your vacation.  Even if you are not plugged in, your generator will be charged and you will still be sleeping in a bed at night!  Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path and find your own quiet escape away from the crowds. 

RV trips are not just for old people

Motorhome road trips have a stigma as the vacation for the elderly, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Each year more and more young people are renting RVs and vans to explore the many national parks and wilderness areas around the country.  You will be as likely to run into adventure athletes as retirees on your upcoming RV road trip. 

Luxury motorhomes are definitely a thing

There are many different types of RVs, and Expedition Motorhomes guarantees to have the perfect vehicle for just about anybody.  If you are put off by the idea of renting a motorhome and perhaps feel like you are above it, think again.  Many luxury motorhomes are as nice, if not nicer, than many standard homes on the market.  If you are looking to go on a road trip but not compromise any level of comfort that you have at home, there is still probably a vehicle out there for you. 

Cooking in an RV is just as rewarding as cooking at home

Sure, much of the RV lifestyle is downsized but that doesn’t mean the quality is compromised.  The biggest example of this is the kitchen.  While your rental RV kitchen may be smaller than your kitchen at home, you will be able to produce just as delicious of meals.  Even more, you will be able to enjoy said meals in front of the most beautiful view you can park your dining room in front of!

RVs really are that comfortable

Many of those traveling via RV catch a lot of flak for not actually “camping.”  While people can argue these semantics day and night, the truth is that RV camping really is incredibly comfortable.  You have a full kitchen, welcoming seating areas, television and Internet if you want them, and cozy beds to rest at the end of a long day.  Whether RV camping truly is camping or not doesn’t matter; the point is that traveling in an RV is one of the most comfortable ways to see the countryside. 

RV rentals can be affordable

At Expedition Motorhomes, we pride ourselves on providing the best rental motorhomes at the most affordable prices.  Our staff will work with you to find the right match at the right price-point before sending you off on the most fun vacation you will ever have!

Expedition Motorhomes has been renting RVs for years and has calmed the nerves of plenty of clients.  Truth be told, while it may seem intimidating to rent a motorhome, by the end of your vacation you will come back smiling.  So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and start setting up the road trip of your dreams.


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