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Start 2022 in an RV – Explore California

Posted on Jan 07, 2022

Start the year by booking an Orange County RV rental! 2022 is here, and it is up to us to do all we can to make sure the year gets started off right. Starting with high hopes and plans for the year helps establish positivity for what is to come, and there is no better way to channel that energy than with an Orange County RV rental road trip.

As the best RV rental in Orange County, our passionate staff loves little more than helping people kick the new year off right. Once you have your California RV rental reserved, The Golden State is yours to explore. With an RV there is no shortage of places to see or experience.

Starting 2022 off with a little adventure and time together with those you care about is a surefire way to manifest some positivity moving into the months ahead. While much of the fun travelling in a California motorhome rental comes from making plans on the fly and choosing your own adventure, here are three ideas to get you going during the first few weeks of 2022.

Visit California’s National Parks

While a perennial favourite, it seems like we always need a little reminder that the national parks are protected as such for a reason. The nine national parks in California truly are spectacular, and they provide the perfect backdrop to harness some positivity as we usher in the new year. Further, the parks themselves are exceedingly easy for those travelling in a California RV rental. Whether you wish to travel far from Orange County or keep it close to home, there are ample parks to choose from – all of which can be visited with the America the Beautiful Pass. From beaches to deserts, to mountains, the national park system in The Golden State has something for everyone and provides some of the premiere California motorhome rental destinations in the entire country.

Beware, you need to consider the size of RVs allowed in the different national parks throughout California before heading into one. For more information about national park length restrictions, read our blog ““What Size of RVs are allowed in National Parks?“.

San Diego Brew Festival

If your January road trip has you pointing the wheel south toward warmer climes, be sure to make it to San Diego on the 8th for the 11th Annual San Diego Brew Festival. The city has made a name for itself in the past decade or so as one of the premier beer drinker destinations in the country. Microbreweries seem to be popping up every day, and the atmosphere and weather of San Diego are perfect for enjoying a cold one out in the sun. The Brew Festival itself runs from noon to 4 pm on January 8th at Liberty Station and will feature live music, ten different food trucks, and over 200 beers from 70 different local breweries. If there is a better way to bring positivity into 2022, we haven’t found it!

SF Sketchfest

Plan on heading north with your Orange County RV rental? Yes? Then be sure to make it to San Francisco between the weeks of January 7th and 23rd to enjoy some of Sketchfest. This two-week-long event is one of the biggest comedy festivals in the country and will feature sketches, standup, and performances from famous and burgeoning comedians alike. In conjunction with various workshops, panels, and activities there is no shortage of events to keep you busy and – with events all over the city – it is a great way to experience one of California’s funnest towns. They say laughter is the best medicine, and SF Sketchfest is the perfect way to get an early dose as we move into 2022.

As the best RV rental in Orange County, we are thrilled to help our guests get out and grab 2022 by the horns! There are virtually endless opportunities for you to make lifelong memories as you explore everything The Golden State has to offer while channelling the positive energy that 2022 so desperately needs. Whether you have questions about our fleet or are ready to make a reservation, give our experts a call today at 949-481-3900 and together we can help make this coming year the best one yet!


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