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Worthy Southern California Camper Rental Road Trips just over the California State Line

Posted on May 16, 2017

Whether you are a California local or planning a visit from across the country, renting a Southern California camper rental from 1st Choice RV is the best way to experience the country’s West Coast.  While California has more than enough to offer for a road trip of any duration, the allure of visiting other states (perhaps for the first time) is another worthy endeavor.  If you are looking to visit a new state or to stretch your Southern California camper rental road trip a little further, check out these destinations just over California state lines.  

Soak up the Best of what Sin City has to Offer

Many folks visiting Southern California will put in the little extra effort to head east into Nevada and spend some time exploring the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Sin City can undeniably be treated as a gigantic adult playground, full of gambling, clubs, bars, restaurants shows, and all types of entertainment.  However, city planners and developers have also made a concerted effort to create fun activities for the entire family.  Located a quick 4 ½ hours from the 1st Choice RV parking lot, Las Vegas is the perfect out-of-state add on for any California road trip.  

Head North to the Continent’s Largest Alpine Lake

If you have your eyes set on exploring Northern California in your 1st Choice RV rental, don’t miss Lake Tahoe – North America’s largest alpine lake.  The lake alone is a sight to behold, but the activities and adventure to be had in the area will leave you dragging your feet to leave.  Straddling the California and Nevada border, the Tahoe area has something for everyone and the 68 mile loop around the lake is arguably one of the most breathtaking drives in the country.  

Visit Arizona’s Playground just over the California Border

Less than five hours from Los Angeles is one of the best summer playgrounds in the entire desert Southwest.  Lake Havasu is a large reservoir on the Colorado River that has grown into a beautiful place to visit during those hot summer months.  From house boats, speed boats, and floating parties to beaches, hidden oases, fun nightlife, and kid-friendly activities, Lake Havasu is the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the hot summer months!

There are countless beautiful sites and exciting tourist destinations up and down the highways of California, but if there is one thing we promote at 1st Choice RV it is the spirit of adventure.  Each year renters come to us with new and unique ideas for Southern California camper rental road trips, and we are always excited to help them build the trip of their dreams.  While California is a destination in its own right, consider exploring our neighboring states to see what else the country’s West Coast has to offer.  


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