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RV Safety Brush Up

Posted on Mar 21, 2014

It’s been a long and cold winter and you can’t wait to jump behind the wheel of an RV, get out on the road and visit some amazing new places and maybe a few old favorites. The most important thing is to make sure you are caught up with all the unique aspects of driving your RV safely.

Here are some tips and links to sites that will help you get back up to speed after a long winter, and of course our friendly and helpful staff will be glad to answer any questions and review items specific to your RV rental before sending you off on your best road trip ever.

Before you get out on the open road and go exploring, it is important to familiarize yourselfwith the differences that your RV’s weight, size, and visibility demands of your driving, helping to ensure your journey is a safe one. Here are some key elements you will need to consider that will help you become a safer RV driver.

  • RV height
  • RV length
  • Maneuvering the RV
  • Braking
  • Speed
  • Safety belts
  • Weather conditions
  • RVs towing cars or other vehicles

Handling and driving your RV

One of the main reasons for the huge popularity of motor homes is that they are relatively easy to drive. As long as you have some experience behind a wheel, adjusting to a greater size, weight, and height of a recreational vehicle shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. However, making good use of all your defensive driving skills in addition to taking the time to learn some safety guidelines is really important when you handling your RV.

RV safe driving should be your number one priority with every trip you take. Safe practices, such as planning ahead, staying alert,and driving defensively are serious issues to consider when you are handling a motor vehicle that will help keep you and your love ones, as well as other drivers you share the road with, safe.

Driving safety programs

To become a confident and safe driver, take an RV driving safety program to develop and strengthen your skills in driving and handling a motorhome. Here are some of the goals you can expect to achieve from an RV driving safety program.

  • Increase your driver awareness
  • Identify your abilities
  • Understand your vehicle
  • Determine conditions that affect driving
  • Become a safer driver

At 1st Choice RV, your safety is a major concern and we realize that the true joy of RVing is getting there safely! If you have any questions, our team would be more than happy to help you. Contact us to reserve your RV Rental now!


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