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RV Camping: Summer vs. Autumn

Posted on Mar 06, 2020

There are few better ways to see the country, have an adventure, and relax on vacation than with an RV rental road trip. Motorhomes truly are a fun and comfortable way to travel, and at 1st Choice RV, we pride ourselves in helping folks have the best vacation ever – whether it is their first time behind the wheel of an RV or their hundredth. Our customer service professionals field a lot of questions from potential motorhome vacationers and when in the planning stages, we often get asked if it is better to plan a trip in summer or fall and if we have any tips for RV rental and camping for autumn. In short, any RV trip is going to be a good one. However, there is something special about taking a motorhome road trip in the autumn. In fact, a lot of our experts prefer RV rental and camping in autumn over summer. Here’s why!

The Weather

California is a huge state with a lot of different microclimates. No matter when you visit, you will be able to chase your desired type of weather from behind the wheel of your 1st Choice RV rental. Many local Californians, however, tend to really speak out about how much they love autumn weather. Summers can be really hot and humid depending where you are, and the cool breezes of autumn are often a much-welcomed visitor. If you are looking for pleasant and not oppressive time to go RV camping in California, fall is the time for you.

Quiet Roads and Quiet Campgrounds

Much like anywhere else around the country, summertime in California is undoubtedly the busiest time of year. Kids are out of school and families from all over the country and world are on vacation. While the summertime hustle and bustle can be exciting for some and is certainly great for the California economy, securing an RV rental and camping for autumn is the best way to ensure quiet roads, vacant campgrounds, empty trailheads, and some much sought after rest and relaxation. If your schedule will allow, autumn is an excellent time to experience California at your own pace without the crowds.

Autumn Scenery

One of the many things that make California special is the diversity in our landscape. From old-growth redwood forests to pristine beaches, to the high mountains of the Sierra – California has it all. Visiting in the autumn not only gives you a better shot at enjoying some solitude on trails and overlooks, but the autumn scenery is truly a sight to behold. Whether you are catching the colors of the leaves changing in the mountains, the encroaching winter swells converging on the coast or enjoying beautiful early evening sunsets, there is no shortage of scenic beauty to behold when RV camping in autumn.

Less Expensive

As stated, summertime is peak season in California and with the crowds comes a general increase in the price of rentals, camping, fuel, and even meals at restaurants. By visiting during a quieter shoulder season, you can enjoy all of the same beauty, activities, and meals at a fraction of the cost. Prices often drop in the early fall and remain low through the season to entice folks to continue travelling. If you can swing it, you will find that the budget for your RV rental road trip should be much lower in the fall than the summer which, in turn, allows you more opportunity to experience things you may not have otherwise.

Extend your Summer

If you are still not entirely sold on the whole camping in the fall thing, good news! There are places in California that have something of an endless summer. As students return to school and perhaps you are not quite ready to put the summer dream to rest, you can just point your motorhome rental south and soak up some additional day, weeks, or months of summer sun in Southern California. You will still experience fewer crowds and cheaper rates while essentially extending your summer vacation.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to planning vacations and motorhome road trips. At 1st Choice RV, our experts will be the first to tell you that anytime you can take a road trip it is a good idea. While schedules and preferences may vary, the most important thing is that you get out! Whether you are planning for summer or autumn, give us a call and let us help you piece together your road trip of a lifetime.


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