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What is the Difference between RV’s and Motorhomes?

Posted on Apr 30, 2021

How to know which one is best for you and your family?

Many guests that contact us at 1st Choice RV to reserve RV rentals for a California camper rental road trip want to reserve their vehicle without fully understanding the difference in the variety of RVs available. Not all RV rentals and trailer rentals are created equally. It is important to understand the small differences between each. 

In general, we tend to use the terms RV, recreational vehicle, camper, and motorhome interchangeably. But in short, RV is an umbrella term for many types of vehicles. Under the RV – or recreational vehicle – umbrella we can subdivide these vehicles into two separate categories. A motorized RV is a single unit that you drive from inside the motorhome itself. Towable RVs attach to a truck or similar high-powered vehicle and serve as a standalone home on the road. From there, we can further divide RVs into four classes. Below, we will explain the differences between the RV rental classes we have available in our Orange County RV and trailer rental fleet.

Class A RV Rentals

Class A RVs are the most luxurious of the four subclasses of motorhomes. These vehicles are essentially large buses and have the most interior living space. Class A motorhomes rentals will include bedroom/s, a living area, dining area, bathroom, and kitchen. As you can imagine, Class A RVs are the largest motorhome on the road and can take a little time to learn to drive them.

If you are planning a Class A motorhomes rental road trip, consider towing a smaller vehicle. This will make it easier for you. It will allow you to explore the city while leaving your home on the road at the campsite.

Class B RV Rentals

Class B RV rentals are also often called camper vans. Camper vans are a bit larger than a normal van, but much more compact than a Class A motorhome. The raised roof of Class B RVs differentiates them from a normal conversion van, as do the luxuries inside. While not to the level of a Class A RV, camper vans generally have a comfortable area to sleep, a basic kitchenette, and a small living/dining area. These vehicles are easier to drive and park. You can get better mileage, and are a bit more discrete than their much larger Class A cousins.

Class C RV Rentals

Class C motorhomes serve as a good middle ground between the large Class A and small Class B recreational vehicles. These vehicles are built into the back of trucks and offer luxuries similar to those of a Class B RV. While there is no bathroom, there is plenty of room to sleep over the cab of the truck, a small kitchen, and a comfortable living area. Similar to a Class B motorhome, Class C rigs are easier to drive and maneuver. Driving a Class C Rv Rental is essentially the same thing as driving a truck.

Towable RV

Towable RVs are exactly what they sound like. Also called 5th wheels, these RVs must be pulled behind a truck or similar high-powered vehicle. When you arrive at camp you can detach them from the vehicle to free it up for more easily managed adventures. 5th wheels are incredibly comfortable and have a plethora of amenities depending on what you are looking for. From simple designs to luxurious options more akin to the Class A motorhome, towable trailers can be a great option with a lot of variety available.

Don’t forget to check what is the maximum RV rental size for the National or State Park you plan to visit. Take that into consideration the park’s length restrictions before you make a final decision on your rental.

Choosing the right trailer, RV or motorhome rental for your family road trip can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but that’s where the experts at 1st Choice RV step in. If you are having trouble choosing a size, style, or type of motorhome for your upcoming road trip give us a call. Our passionate staff is always eager to help another family experience all of the fun and adventure of the open road.

Don’t stress over which California RV rental is best for you and your family. We are here to check. Check the variety of rv rentals we have available and start thinking about your options.


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