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RV’ing with children

Posted on Jun 25, 2014

Picture yourself with the whole family in your dream rental RV.

The birds chirping in the morning as you awake at your favorite camp site, the excitement of the family exploring together as you make your way through scenic roads in the open country. This time the kids are not sitting in the back of the vehicle asking over and over again, “Are we there yet?” because the journey is as much fun as the destination. Summer is the perfect time to take the whole family out for a vacation. The kids are out of school, which makes for a great opportunity to pack your bags and head out on your next trip. This time around, instead of going on a road trip by car or by plane, you should definitely consider renting an RV. If the thought of going by RV has crossed your mind, read on to get a better idea of what to expect.


Things to Consider

Length of the Drive

When planning your itinerary for your RV trip, make sure you keep in mind the total distance of the drive. You should have planned breaks every so often in order to let the kids roam around and stretch their legs. Kids are a bundle of energy, and prolonged time on the RV will make them restless, unhappy, and whiny. In order to keep the kids happy, make sure to burn off their energy by having them play while you rest and recuperate from the long drive.


Make sure you pack adequate food and snacks for the trip. Kids will naturally be drawn to junk food restaurants along the way, so be prepared by filling their stomachs with something nutritious. One or two fast food meals here and there are fine, but too much junk is not healthy for the kids, and too much sugar makes for hyper little RVers. Our RV’s all have good air conditioning but some areas of California can get really hot so make sure there is adequate water for the whole family. The kids will be running around every time the RV parks, which means that there will be thirsty mouths every time the RV gets moving again.


Tell the kids to grab their favorite games, toys, books, pillows, stuffed animals, and anything else they might need to pass the time by or make RV feel more like home. The kids will be much happier and content knowing they have their favorite playthings close by. Kids will often forget to bring their favorite items, so make sure to remind them before you start heading out. The kids on board will be happier campers and less restless if you keep them occupied with something to do. This will make the trip much more pleasurable for both parents and kids. Keep in mind that our RV’s have FREE optional WiFi which works anywhere Sprint has LTE coverage so for most areas you will be able to get movies and even play online games. Don’t forget the iPad!

Emergency Drills

Do not forget to teach the children about what to do in case of an emergency. Show them what to do in case of a fire. Have the kids practice using the fire extinguisher and have them practice running to an exit in case of any emergency. Teach them about how to be safe when strangers are around and to tell a responsible adult if anything looks suspicious. Having safety whistles and dinner bells are also ideas you might consider in order to keep track of where the kids are. Make sure the whistles and dinner bells are loud enough for the kids to hear.


The advantages of going by RV

It is an adventure

The feeling of freedom that comes with being able to go anywhere at a whim can be addicting. If you want to explore places far away from civilization, you can do it with an RV. You don’t have to look for a motel once it gets dark. Instead of pitching a tent in the ground, you can enjoy the comforts of home right in your RV. You can go anywhere, anytime, and you can do it while enjoying a comfortable living situation. Why bother being constricted by a vacation tour when you can create your own itinerary and go to places you actually want to see?


Renting an RV can be a huge money-saver instead of spending so much on hotels, flight tickets, and restaurant food. Not only will you save money, but your kids will especially appreciate the comforts of an RV. It is easier to adapt to an RV, which resembles home, rather than bouncing from motel to motel.

Meeting other RV vacationers

It is a great experience to meet other families who are renting an RV just like you are. You can get together and share your experiences. You might even get an idea on where to travel next!

Contact a representative at 1st choice and our knowledgeable staff will make sure that you find what you need. We have a wide selection of RVs that is perfect for your family. Choice RV today for more information. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will make sure that you find what you need. We have a wide selection of RVs that is perfect for your family.

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