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Plan your Spring RV trip and Support Small Bussiness

Posted on Apr 01, 2021

This is the best time to plan an RV trip and support your community by supporting small businesses.

With vaccines being rapidly distributed and warm weather on the way, there is no time like the present to plan a Calabasas RV rental road trip. We are all coming out of one of the most challenging and demanding years in recent memory. But the time has come to look to the future. As we are slowly returning to normal, the time has come to support those around us. Time to help each other move forward.

With things becoming gradually safer, everyone could use a little rest and relaxation. Taking out Orange Country RV rentals is the perfect way to escape with those you love. An RV trip is safer than a standard vacation. Renting a Los Angeles motorhome allows you to get out and see the world while keeping your Covid-19 sensibilities confined to your California motorhome. What’s more, using your Calabasas RV to travel around California is a great way to support the small businesses and local economies that got hit the hardest in 2020.

Buy Local Groceries

One of the big perks of traveling in Orange County RV rentals is being able to prepare home-cooked meals. Our California motorhome rentals, give you the space you need to cook easy and delicious meals. An added bonus of enjoying a Calabasas RV road trip in California is the abundance of local food vendors and farmer’s markets dotting the state’s landscape. As you grocery shop for your upcoming adventure considers sourcing your produce – and even meat and cheese – from local street-side vendors and markets you encounter along the way. A lot of these folks struggled through the pandemic when these events got shutdown.

Purchase Souvenirs and Gifts from Community Vendors

There are countless talented artists and craftworkers in California. You can find them especially in the small communities nestled around the state’s most desirable locations. As you drive your Calabasas RV rental along the coast or through the mountains, consider purchasing souvenirs for those back home from local shop owners. These neat little shops had hard times when the pandemic shutdown indoor spaces and reduced expendable income across the board. If you happen to have a few bucks to support a local artist on your Orange County motorhome trip, they would appreciate it.

Support Local Restaurants

Preparing meals in your Los Angeles motorhome is certainly a perk to traveling in Southern California motorhome rentals. But there are times when you don’t feel like cooking. Enjoying a nice meal on an outdoor patio or ordering takeout from a local restaurant sounds better. You will encounter countless options on your road trip – from renowned five-star restaurants to well-kept secret holes-in-the-wall. Restaurant owners would appreciate your business! And don’t forget to tip your servers – restaurant workers got hit particularly hard in 2020 and could use a hand!

It is no secret that 2020 was a demanding year for everyone, and we could all use a vacation. There is arguably no better escape than in an Orange County RV, and 1st Choice RV is proud to be the leader in Southern California motorhome rentals. Give us a call to learn more about our offerings or to reserve your dream motorhome today!


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