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Make Your Holidays Easier with an RV Rental

Posted on Mar 06, 2020

Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation may not have painted the most romantic picture of holiday motorhome travel but, whether he knew it or not, he really was on to something. There’s no bad time of year to rent an RV and go on a road trip, but holiday travel via motorhome truly can be something fun and special. Additionally, you can make your holidays much simpler by renting an RV. If you want an easy holiday with an RV, look no further than 1st Choice RV. Our experts are here to help line you out with the perfect vehicle for your needs and give you as many tips and tricks as you can handle. By the end of the holiday season, you will wonder how you ever got through the holidays any other way and will already be looking toward next year for another easy holiday with an RV. Not yet convinced? Here are three reasons why renting a motorhome can make your holiday season not only easier but more enjoyable as well!

Easier Travel

Holiday travel is notoriously a nightmare. Flight cancellations, no vacancy signs flashing outside hotels, and expensive and fully booked restaurants all make holiday travel more of a headache than an enjoyment. With an RV rental, however, you can avoid all of these things. Forget the airports and hotels, you will be travelling the open road to your destination and pulling over to sleep whenever seems appropriate to stop. You can cook whatever you feel like in the included kitchen, and have some privacy when you finally get to the relatives instead of having to sleep on that old pull out couch. In short, by renting a motorhome, virtually all of your travel booking and reservations – transportation, lodging, food – are all in one place.

An Affordable Alternative to Classic Holiday Travel

Not only do motorhome road trips allow for all of your travel to be consolidated in one place in an incredibly convenient manner but, especially around the holidays, it is particularly economical as well. With an RV rental, you have to make one reservation and that’s that. No hassle with airlines and inflated holiday prices. No fighting to find pricey hotel rooms that don’t feel like home. Instead, you will make your rental RV your home for however long you want and check your other reservation worries at the door. After the initial booking, all you have to worry about is fuel, which you can manage through responsible driving and itinerary selection.

Have all your Family in One Place

The holidays are all about spending time with family, and there is no better way to do so than with an RV rental. Depending on where you are driving, you will likely enjoy hours on the road with those closest to you which provides an excellent time to simply enjoy each other’s company. Further, when you arrive at your destination, all of your family will be able to stay in once place – eliminating the need to travel around town after already travelling to town to spend the holidays. While Cousin Eddie parking in front of the Griswold’s home may not have been well executed, the idea is excellent. And, at the end of the day, they were all able to maximize time spent together – even if it happened to be in classic National Lampoon’s fashion!

While it may not seem it on the surface, motorhome rentals over the holidays can be a great way to simplify otherwise complex travel plans. If you are hoping to save some money and make life a bit easier on yourself around the holidays, contact 1st Choice RV. Our experts have helped countless clients find the perfect motorhome for their needs, create unforgettable adventures, and make lifelong holiday memories along the way!


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