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How to get Internet in your RV

Posted on Jun 25, 2019

In today’s day and age, it is getting increasingly hard to tune out and leave the world behind for awhile.  Whether you are working remotely or feel the draw to stay connected to news, social media, family, or friends it can be hard to forget the Internet and relax unconnected on vacation.  If this sounds like you, and as you begin to make plans for your upcoming motorhome trip, consider the best options for RV wifi while on the road. While disconnecting for a period of time can be healthy and rewarding, staying connected may also be a necessity.  If you are hoping for RV wifi on your next road trip, consider one of these popular options.

Public Wi-Fi

Oftentimes the best and simplest ways to get Internet or RV wifi will be public wi-fi, and thankfully in 2019 this can be pretty easy to come by.   Most privately owned campgrounds will have free Internet, and even some public campgrounds in the parks will as well.  Of course, you will be sharing the Internet with other campers so it may not always be the fastest.  If you need to speed things up, try stepping out of your RV which can block the signal or physically moving closer to the router itself. 

Range Extenders and Signal Boosters

Wi-Fi range extenders and signal boosters can make an Internet connection stronger which in turn will provide better RV wifi for you and your family.  If the Internet you are using is part of a strong network, a range extender can take the signal and make it even better.  There is a variety of technology that can do this, and ultimately it is up to you to choose the best investment for your needs.  Nowadays many RV companies are developing range extenders and signal boosters specifically for those using motorhomes and, like any piece of tech, they range from relatively cheap to fairly expensive. 

Portable Hotspot

Portable hotspots are great for those RV travelers with an unknown or not fully developed itinerary.  If you are unsure if you will have internet at your next destination, a portable hotspot can alleviate that stress of the unknown.  With this piece of technology you can travel nearly anywhere and still have some semblance of Internet access, and these are especially great for those heading south into Mexico.  If nothing else, portable hotspots are a formidable piece of communication insurance as you embark on your RV road trip.   

Cellular Data

Lastly, and likely familiar to nearly all motorhome travelers at this point, is cellular data.  Most carriers have excellent data coverage across the states, and you can simply use your personal devices to access the Internet so long as you are in range.  Depending on where you plan to travel, it may be a good idea to check your provider’s coverage map to see if you will be in their signal range.

At 1st Choice RV, we completely understand the need to stay connected as well as the desire to get out and explore!  While the above are all great options, accessing the Internet on the road is simply not something you will have to worry about with our vehicles.  1st Choice RV provides WiFi in all of our RVs for rent – giving you one less thing to worry about as you prepare for your upcoming RV road trip. 


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