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How to Enjoy Thanksgiving in an RV

Posted on Nov 19, 2021

2020 threw all of us for a loop, and as a year, 2021 has been all about getting back on our feet and living every day to the fullest. If you are still looking to maximize 2021, itching for adventure, and searching for a new family tradition, consider reserving a Southern California RV rental and hitting the road this coming Thanksgiving. Orange County RV rentals are the perfect way to maximize quality time with your family while enjoying the freedom and adventure of the open road.

For the best RV rental in Orange County, look no further than 1st Choice RV and start planning how to enjoy Thanksgiving in an RV this holiday season!

Is Celebrating Thanksgiving in an RV a Great Idea?

While perhaps unconventional, there truly is no better place to celebrate Thanksgiving than with an RV rental in Southern California. No matter who you are, life comes with a certain level of stress and pressure. The rat race makes it hard to unplug and take time to be grateful, and that’s where our Orange County RV rentals come in. Nature provides the perfect place to enjoy some quiet and think critically about everything you have to be thankful for. Further, a Southern California RV rental allows for you to disconnect from the world around you while fully investing yourself in family time and exploring all that The Golden State has to offer.

How can you bring Thanksgiving traditions to a motorhome road trip?

Apart from intentional gratitude and spending time with those you love, Thanksgiving is all about the food. While you will likely need to be a little flexible, you can prepare many traditional Thanksgiving dishes while on the road in your California motorhome rental.

Thanksgiving Cooking Tips in an RV rental:

Because an RV kitchen is likely much smaller than what you are used to, consider preparing side dishes ahead of time and storing them in your onboard refrigerator or freezer. If you want a turkey, you may need to get a smaller bird to cook in the oven or, if you’re feeling ambitious, get a full-sized turkey and prepare it on the grill (or over the fire!). Speaking of grills and cooking over the fire, consider adding a twist or two to your standard Thanksgiving meal by taking advantage of these camper-friendly ways of preparing food on the road.

Thanksgiving activities to do in an RV rental:

Depending on where you are camping in your Orange County RV rentals, you may need to adjust your other Thanksgiving traditions. Watching a football game or cutting down a Christmas tree may not make a lot of sense. Instead, bring along some board games or movies, sit around the campfire, or go for a hike. Camping in California provides endless opportunities to create new traditions and lasting memories with your family.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and, if you are searching for a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate, you can easily reserve a Southern California RV rental through 1st Choice RV. Our expert staff is here to help you make the most of this holiday season and provide you with the ideal escape to show gratitude and maximize time away from your family. Give our team a call today, and let’s all find something to be grateful for!


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