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How to Avoid Common RV Problems

Posted on Jan 12, 2021

Orange County RV rental road trips are arguably the best way to get out and explore all that California has to offer. These California motorhome road trips are full of magic, but they do not come without their challenges. At 1st Choice RV, the leading provider of RV Rentals in Orange County CA, we’ve seen it all when it comes to RV problems. To make the most of your Orange County motorhome rentals road trip as seamless as possible, here are a handful of common RV problems and how to avoid them.

Blown Tires

While it doesn’t happen often, blown tires are something that should be on your radar. In warm climates with hot highways, this is a more common occurrence. The experts at 1st Choice RV will always make sure the proper tires are on your Southern California motorhome rentals, but you should take some responsibility to make sure they are maintaining proper tread and inflation while on the road.

Leaky Windows and Roofs

Again, the pros at 1st Choice RV guarantee that your California motorhome will be good to go when you pick it up. However, if you become smitten with your Calabasas RV and decide to buy one on your own, keep a close eye on leaky windows and roofs. This is not a rare occurrence for most campers, and semi-regular maintenance is often necessary to stay ahead of any major water damage. Thankfully, most leaks can be fixed with sealants and are relatively cheap and easy to fix.

Plumbing Issues

One of the greatest things about California motorhome road trips is immediate access to your own personal bathroom. While RV toilets can leak, most issues stem from clogging in the drain or tank. To prevent this, make sure that your black dump valve remains closed to separate solid and liquid waste. Further, there is special RV toilet paper (often similar to marine toilet paper) that is made for these sensitive systems.

Driver Error

The majority of Calabasas RV problems we encounter stem from simple user error. Orange County RV rentals are so easy to drive, and users often forget the intricacies of driving such a large machine. Backing into a camping space, for example, can be a tricky endeavour if you don’t take it seriously. Additionally, it’s easy to forget to pull up an awning or put in a slide-out before leaving camp. All of these little mistakes can lead to big issues. Thankfully, they are all easily preventable by just taking your time, going slow, and being a little more cautious than you may be on a normal camping trip.

As the leading provider of Calabasas RV rentals, 1st Choice RV has seen it all in terms of RV problems. While our mechanics work tirelessly to make sure your Orange County RV rental is ready for the road, we always recommend that our campers use extra caution and care when on the road. Do so, and you will soon discover that motorhome road trips truly are one of the most enjoyable ways to travel.


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