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Here’s Why RVing is Now the Best Way to Travel

Posted on Feb 17, 2021

There is little doubt that we have all spent a significant amount of time isolating at home these past few months. We’re all taking measures to keep ourselves safe. We have modified our behavior and have been more careful than ever about where we go and what we do. We have avoided hotspots, chosen indoor activity over outdoor mingling or hiking, and so on. Although we are still isolating, that doesn’t mean that we have to stay home.Although we are always open to the idea of planning an RV trip, when you think about it, there is no better way to travel during this pandemic. We would like to list some good reasons RV travel is a perfect choice right now.

7 Reasons You Should Travel with an RV

  1. RVs are a fun way to travel, and you can socially distance. Vacation in your self-contained safety zone. With an RV you can isolate and enjoy the constant change of scene. This is the safer and more economical way to see the country.
  2. You can take it with you. Having control over who handles your supplies assures safety. This is a big part of protecting yourself and your family from infection. All of the precautions you observe at home can be maintained in your RV, helping you minimize contact and potential exposure. Food, utensils, and toiletries can all be separated from contact by others.
  3. A great way to save money. How do we all balance the uncertain future, like the fear of job loss, with keeping your family sane? When you compare the price of staying in hotels and dining in restaurants every day, to the price of a campsite, the answer becomes clear. An RV vacation is the solution.
  4. All RVs are sanitized for your safety. Whether you rent or buy, your RV will be fully sanitized and prepared for your safety. Our protocols are in place, and we work hard to make sure that your RV is virus-free. Unlike hotel vacations, you never have to worry about anyone coming into your room to perform housekeeping.
  5. Nature and comfort can coexist. RVing is a great way to experience nature without roughing it. Immersing yourself in nature from the comfort of an RV is the best of both worlds. A self-contained RV is a great way to have everything you need all around you, as opposed to traveling from hotel to hotel, with all of the extra associated coordination, availability, stress, and exposure. Not to mention enjoying the open road from the comfort of your suite.
  6. This is natural for kids. Isolating at home, particularly in a confined space, has been tough on kids. Many times, nature is the best medicine. Fresh air, running around outside, you know… kid stuff. This is a great way to vacation with your family.
  7. Avoid the crowds. RVs are a safer way to travel. Find some of the most beautiful locations and isolate yourself in the great wide open. Traveling in an RV is a great idea right now before tourist season begins.

1st Choice is Your Best Choice

Choose to take your family on a relaxing RV vacation. It’s a smart way to isolate and explore at the same time. Instead of traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you are also helping keep others safe.

Contact us. We’ll make sure you can find out more of the details. There has never been a better time to RV!


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