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Here are the Most Important Tips to Enjoy RVing in America

Posted on Nov 11, 2019

Although even a minor get-away is a pleasure, a major road trip is a great RV experience, especially if you’re RVing across America. Like any major expedition, it is always good to be prepared. These essential tips aren’t only about what to bring; you’ll also need to plot your course and plan your stops (which are particularly relevant to identify when travelling in an RV).

Preparing for A Trip

This might be the most crucial part of a successful trip, although it is often confused with over-organization due to excitement and anticipation. It can be a daunting task unless you’re good at that sort of thing. An excellent trip planner can make the job easier.

Planning Stops

Stops are essential to plan because all of us can get carried away with “making good time.” Even if you love driving, you should be careful not to push it. Fatigue can sneak up on you. Make the driving decisions before you get started. Make your stops part of that plan, and stick to it. Decide how long your sections of drive time will be. And make sure you factor in stopping to appreciate where you are.

You probably shouldn’t assume that you know how you’ll be feeling. Remember that the object is to relax and enjoy yourself. You’ll enjoy your vacation much more if you take the time to kick back and relax.

Sometimes it turns out to be challenging to find room at campgrounds you had planned to stop in. Be flexible. You may not even want to lock-in all of your reservations before you embark. 

Where to Stay and More

Use an RV planner app. Check out the towns and cities along the way as your planning your trip. But be sure to stay flexible and fluid along the way. You may even want to stay longer than you thought at certain spots. Once you get there and see it for yourself, it could change everything. The very fact that you’ve chosen a road trip in an RV is because you like freedom and flexibility.

And it is good to remember that this isn’t about roughing it. Use available technology to your advantage. Some apps can show you attractions along the way you didn’t even know were there. Apps can help you with everything from planning your route, showing attractions along the way, to how to save money.

There is always a balance between fees and boondocking it. A fully loaded and wired campground is a much different story than “roughing it.” If you’re staying a bit longer at a particular campground, you may need laundry or WiFi. Longer-term stays can be less per night.

Less is More

Remember that one crucial way to lighten your mental load is to lighten your load. RVs have just so much space. Too much stuff can be burdensome. You may need less than you think and remember… there are stores along the way! And RVs are far more pet-friendly than hotel rooms, so make sure your furry family is well taken care of too. Let everything else, be prepared. It’ll be more fun that way.


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