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Food Storage Hacks for Your Next RV Trip

Posted on Sep 23, 2022

Kitchen Storage Hacks for your Next RV Trip

Anyone can vacation in California RV rentals, but the best motorhome travelers are those with dialled systems that help keep their camp and small space organized, efficient, and fun. One of the biggest things that new Orange County RV rental customers struggle with is food and kitchen organization. Many folks are used to large kitchens with ample storage, and that simply isn’t the case when you downsize into an RV. The more thought and consideration you put toward organization, the easier your life will be. Below are some of our favorite kitchen storage hacks, from the experts at 1st Choice RV.

Stackable and Collapsible Dishware

Perhaps the best storage hack for your RV kitchen is investing in stackable and collapsible dishware. Folks lose a lot of their limited storage space to bulky cooking and serving items. Nowadays, however, there are many collapsible items on the market that work just as well and take up a fraction of the real estate. By saving this space, you can open up a ton of room for food storage or other necessities in your cozy RV kitchen.

Cabinet Door Organizer

All available space is valuable in an RV, and if you can find ways to maximize what space you do have you will create a much more enjoyable living environment. A simple addition to almost any RV kitchen are cabinet door organizers, which hang on the inside of cabinets and provide a few more outlets to store food, utensils, etc. creating more open space elsewhere in your kitchen.

Wall Organization

If your RV is rich in wall space but light on drawers, consider opening up your kitchen walls for some organization. Adding just a few simple hooks can allow you to hang otherwise bulky pots and pans, freeing space elsewhere in the kitchen. Magnetic bars, as well, are a great way to store knives and metal utensils if you don’t have space for them elsewhere.

Smart Shopping

When many people grocery shop at home, they tend to purchase everything they need for a few weeks or up to a month. This is not a realistic approach when living in an RV. Instead, when you hit grocery stores or local farmer’s markets (highly recommended!), purchase a few meals at a time. This will keep your RV kitchen from getting too cluttered. Whatever you do, though, make sure there are always plenty of travel snacks and treats available – you’re on vacation after all!

As one of the leading providers of RV rentals in California – with the greatest selection of Orange County RV rental options – there is no one you would rather trust with motorhome vacation advice than the experts at 1st Choice RV. After reserving your Orange County RV rental, the fun can begin with all of the excitement that comes with planning a big California road trip. Kitchen organization is just one of the many intricacies of travelling in California RV rentals. For even more tips, or to reserve your motorhome for an upcoming vacation, give 1st Choice RV a call today!


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