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Essentials to have on your RV for winter

Posted on Nov 21, 2022

Winter RVing Essentials

We’ve all heard the phrase “be prepared.” This is especially true when bringing all the essentials for winter RVing. The last thing you want to do is scramble around at the last minute. You’re bound to forget something if you don’t give yourself enough time, so get started sooner rather than later. Wintertime RVing is less forgiving than other times of the year, so make sure you have an ironclad system or checklist prepared. There are some essential supplies you’ll need to have in your RV.

The Essentials of Your RV Travel Kit

We’re here for you right from the start by helping you with your RV camping checklist. Here are some of the items you may, or may not, have thought of. RV camping is our passion, so we have this down.

The RV owner’s manual: When temperatures drop, some systems might need extra attention. You may know the workings of the RV well but having a reference guide handy is always a good idea.

Footwear: Boots are essential, but so are sneakers. If you are driving, sneakers help you feel the pedals and are more comfortable over the long haul.

Firewood: You shouldn’t wait to gather firewood at the campsite. Bring some firewood along. During winter months it may be hard to find dry wood.

Entertainment: Sometimes getting away allows you to simply relax and get to that book or movie you haven’t had time for. There are few things cozier than a quiet nook and a good book or movie.

Noxious fume and smoke detectors: These are essential any time of year, but if your heating system is running for long periods, it is even more important. They detect harmful gasses like carbon monoxide and smoke.

Slippers and other cozy warm clothes: When travelling during cold winter months, layers of clothes take up much less room than the usual bulky winter clothes. Also, some RVs don’t have heated floors, so bring slippers and keep your feet toasty.

Water and drain lines: Insulating your water lines protects them from freezing.

RV skirt: As you can imagine, compartments at the basement level need to be protected from the cold. Skirts are effective at keeping out the chill.

Shovel: This tool is a must for winter camping. You never know when you’ll have to dig yourself out of a tight spot. It is useful for everything from clearing a campsite of snow to making sure your campfire is out.

Cat litter: This can actually be used for tire traction. If you end up getting stuck in snow or ice, cat litter can be used when tires need something to grip.

Dehumidifier: Sometimes humidity can build up when using heating systems and liquid propane. A standalone dehumidifier absorbs moisture from the air which is helpful for keeping the interior air of your RV dry.

Indoor/Outdoor thermometer: Be vigilant when it comes to temperatures in basement compartments. Many of these compartments contain critical systems. If the thermometer has a humidity indicator, even better, as humidity can be damaging to some of these materials.

Your Best Choice is 1st Choice

With the right preparation in advance, 1st Choice RV can make even winter camping a relaxing vacation experience. This is a special way to spend the holiday season. You can visit several relatives even if they’re spread out. You can also find a winter wonderland that you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise. Instead of traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you are better able to control the safety of your loved ones.

Contact us. We’re your complete RV renter and outfitter in Orange County. The sooner you book with us, the sooner we can help you prepare for your wonderful road trip. We can help you with the big picture, and the details. At 1stChoice, we think of everything.


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