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Embrace the Crazy: 5 Unique California Destinations

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

Each year around this time a cabin fever epidemic runs rampant across the country. While days are finally getting longer, it seems like winter may never come to an end. A little sunshine and adventure is just what the doctor ordered to kick your cabin fever, and there is no better way to do it than with a rental from 1st Choice RV. Any road trip will do, but if you are truly feeling a bit crazy from the long winter why not embrace this and explore the weirder side of Southern California? As you turn the ignition in your 1st Choice RV rental, consider exploring these unique California destinations.

Salvation Mountain

Located in the Colorado Desert in Imperial County, California adobe, straw, and a lot of paint were used by Leonard Knight to create this work of legendary folk art. It is one of a kind and truly one of the most unique destinations California has to offer. While there, drive you 1st Choice RV up to the art of East Jesus in Slab City –an abandoned WWII marine barracks now used as a snowbird camp for a wide array of people.

The Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park used to be home to the Los Angeles area’s premiere zoo. Now abandoned, the Griffith Park Zoo is open to the public to explore. Get over your cabin fever by soaking up the LA sun by picnicking in old animal enclosures, hiking old zoo trails, and exploring this unique California destination.

The International Banana Museum

Has the long winter caused you to go a bit stir crazy? Bananas even? Located in Mecca, California The International Banana Museum is an off-the-beaten-path stop that has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Point your 1st Choice RV rental down SR111 for another unique California destination – the Salton Sea.

The Whaley House

The Whaley House, located in Old Town San Diego, is a California Historical Landmark. The house and family have a captivating history, dating back to its construction in 1857. Along with regularly being nominated as one of the most haunted buildings in the U.S., The Whaley House was a shoe-in for our unique California destinations list.

Nitt Witt Ridge

Nitt Witt Ridge is another worthy stop with your rental from 1st Choice RV. Also a California Historical Landmark and onetime home, Nitt Witt Ridge is the life work of artist and recluse Arthur Harold Beal. Much of his unique estate was constructed with car parts, washer drums, beer cans, recycled materials, abalone shells, and cement. The beautiful property and unique home in Cambria, California are open for tours.

No matter how crazy you think you may have gone this winter, there is always someone pushing the envelope a little further. The above five unique California destinations are a small sampling of what the Golden State has to offer. Rent a vehicle from 1st Choice RV and take to the roads of Southern California this spring to explore Californian weirdness in all its glory!


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